RFP-Hiring of Firm for Due Diligence of Companies/ Firms/NGO’s/ Trusts under PAHAL program of USAID

RFP-Hiring of Firm for Due Diligence of Companies/ Firms/NGO’s/ Trusts under PAHAL program of USAID

Organization: IPE Global Limited

Apply By: 14 Jun 2021

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RFP for Hiring of Firm for Due Diligence of Companies/ Firms/ NGO’s/ Trusts under PAHAL (Partnerships for Affordable Healthcare Access and Longevity), program of USAID

About the Organization:

IPE Global Limited is an international development consulting group providing expert technical assistance and solutions for equitable development and sustainable growth in developing countries. The group’s areas of expertise include Health, Nutrition and WASH, Urban and Infrastructure Development, Education and Skills Development, Private Sector Development, Environment and Climate Change, Social and Economic Empowerment, Governance, Grant and Fund Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, and Information Technology & eGovernance.

About The Project:

IPE Global manages USAID-supported Partnerships for Affordable Healthcare Access and Longevity (hereinafter referred to as “PAHAL”) which is a flagship ‘innovations in financing’ platform. The project focuses on innovative financial models that enable: Governments and Donors in supplementing traditional financing with new forms of conditional and catalytic support; and private investments and other non-donor sources of funding for generating social impact.


In supporting the deployment of high impact healthcare solutions, several startups/ companies/ firms/ NGO’s/ Hospitals (“Applicants”) are being identified and amounts as per requirement are being provided to aid/ speed up the delivery of healthcare solutions to cater the emergency needs of the pandemic. IPE Global is inviting proposals from reputed firms (“Firms”) to conduct Due Diligence of these Applicants w.r.t their capacity, systems, policies and processes to have a much better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks in working with the Applicant.

 The Due Diligence reveals which applicants has a proven and recognized commitment to principled business practices and should give IPE Global some information by which to decide whether to rely on the Applicant’s non-binding commitment for providing resource support for the Project and helps in making better managed interventions and capacity development in future.

Assessment Criteria for Corporate/ Companies/ Other For-Profit Firms

Business Overview

  • Registration and Incorporation Details Verification;
  • Supply chain vendors/partners/client check;
  • Any other companies or entities in which the Applicant has controlling/ownership interest;
  • Potential Conflict of Interest;
  • Antecedent checks of Promoters/Directors/ Trustees (PEP check, Criminal records).

Financial Performance

  • Financial Statements Analysis of the Applicant, for the past 3 years;
  • Check for Business sustainability for short term (1 year) and medium term (3-5 years)
  • Banker Verifications & Status-Check for Bank Transactions of the existing businesses;

Legal and Compliance

  • Criminal and civil Litigation/ record Check;
  • Regulatory / Compliance Database Checks;
  • Compliance Check for Partnership deeds, Registrar of Companies registration, ESI & EPF;

Proposal must be received by 18:00 hours, June 14, 2021 addressing the Senior Manager – Procurement and Contracts, IPE Global Limited at procurement@ipeglobal.com. Proposal received in any form after the proposal submission deadline shall not be considered.

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