RFP Invited for Animation Project

RFP Invited for Animation Project

Organization: Brooke India (BI)

Apply By: 17 Jan 2021

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RFP for Animation Project

About the Organization:

Brooke is an international charity that protects and improves the lives of horses, donkeys and mules, which give people in the developing world the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. Brooke India (BI) works for the welfare and health of working equines and the development of community that owns them. It has operations in 11 states and implements its programs through partnerships.


BI teams aim to relieve the working equine's sufferings by bringing them to light in front of their owners, local service providers, employers and animal welfare policymakers. BI also understands the financial and social complexities to which equine owners are exposed. Therefore, BI teams lend a helping hand by advocating improvement in their skill sets; facilitate the building of platforms/institutions for voicing opinions, and enhancing their reach to government development schemes. All of this, eventually leading to better health and facilities for the working equines.

Aim of the Animation Films:

One major part of BI's interventional work involves developing Information, Education and Communication material to create an easy understanding of primary equine care, prevention against prevalent equine diseases, and social issues and taboos that revolve around the society, and ways to tackle them.

Animation, an exciting and engaging form of edutainment, can help these equine owners, especially their children understand the complex equine health issues, and generate awareness, compassion, and empathy towards multiple equine welfare and other socioeconomic problems. Therefore, we desire to co-create a set of animated films that incorporate all of BI's prime programmatic elements.

 Characters and Scenarios for the Film:

Characters -

  • Children
  • Equine owner – male, female
  • Equine – mule, donkey, horse
  • Farrier
  • NI's Field Staff
  • Character complimenting the story line

Scenarios -

  • Brick Kilns
  • Grazing Fields
  • Villages
  • Offices
  • Mountanious Regions


  • Equine Owners – Male and Female (basic literacy)
  • Equine Owners’ Children
  • Local Health Providers
  • Local Service Providers
  • Donors
  • Brooke India Staff
  • External Audiences including State and Central Government officials

Essential Experience Required:

  • Should have an understanding of building storylines
  • Should be able to understand the requirements of an intensely woven programmatic approach
  • Should have prior experience of working under development sector/international organisation

Required Deliverable:

  • Four films in Hindi with English subtitles
  • Duration of each film should be 3-5 minutes
  • Four comic books in Hindi, each comic book with each film

Support provided by the BI in the project:

  • To assist the animators, BI has a well-established team of Communication Officers.
  • BI’s Communication team will help the animators in building impactful storylines and characters
  • As an orientation, a one-day field trip will be organised for the team members of the selected agency

Duration of the Project: 45 days

 Selection Process:

  • Selected agencies will be invited for presentations via zoom
  • Further selected agencies will have a call with CEO, Brooke India
  • Announcement of Selected Agency

Sample for displaying desired quality:



Share your Proposal, Quotation and Work Samples to:

Ms Jot Prakash Kaur

Head External Affairs & Communication

Email: JotPrakash.Kaur@thebrookeindia.org; procurement@thebrookeindia.org

Deadline: January 17, 2021, 11:59 PM


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