RFP Invited for Landscape Management Planning in Medak

RFP Invited for Landscape Management Planning in Medak

Organization: Tetra Tech International Development Services

Apply By: 03 Apr 2020

RFP - Landscape Management Planning in Medak

About the Organization:

Tetra Tech International Development Services is a consulting and engineering services firm. The company provides consulting, engineering, program management, and construction management services in the areas of water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development. Specific services for consulting and engineering projects include applied science, information technology, engineering, design, construction management, and operations and maintenance

Background and Rationale:

Initiated in December 2018, Forest-PLUS 2.0: forest for water and prosperity is a five-year program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Government of India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC). The goal of ForestPLUS 2.0 is to improve management of targeted forest landscapes in three states in India for enhanced ecosystem services and increased inclusive economic opportunities. An improved ecosystem approach to management will in turn lead to improved ecosystem services and contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the country.

The three objectives of the Forest-PLUS 2.0 program are:

  • To strengthen ecosystem-based management of forest landscapes;
  • To factor ecosystem services into management of forest landscapes; and
  • To increase economic opportunities from improved landscape management.

Major activities to be carried out by Forest-PLUS 2.0 include

  • Develop/revise Working Plans & Landscape Management Plans,
  • Develop/refine application and institutionalization of tools,
  • Develop/refine decision-support systems for forest landscape planning, management and monitoring,
  • Incorporate ecosystem services and their values in the Working Plans,
  • Quantify and value ecosystem services and their flows at landscape scale, and incorporation of these services and their values into management planning processes,
  • Develop incentive mechanism(s) for managing landscapes to provide ecosystem services, and
  • Develop viable forest-based value chains, moving beyond subsistence-scale livelihoods, to provide economic incentives for reinvestment in natural capital assets.

The program is implemented in three landscapes - Gaya Forest Division of Bihar, Medak Forest Division of Telangana, and Thiruvananthapuram Forest Division of Kerala.


The specific tasks and activities are:

  • Facilitate consultations with community, which will include gathering community members for consultations, translation of the conversation, documentation of the consultation, follow-up with the community members in Medak District.
  • Identify and maintain records of community members involved in the process of landscape management planning.
  • Assist in setting up of meetings with government line departments at grassroots level in Medak District.
  • Facilitate field visits in the villages and surrounding areas for landscape management planning activities in Medak District.
  • Collect information related to government schemes for landscape management planning in Medak district and documentation of the same.
  • Assist Forest-PLUS 2.0 team to identify priority ecosystem services for key landscape management planning objectives (this requires a larger macro view of the landscapes and the community needs pertaining to livelihood enhancement can be linked to ongoing schemes of the central and state govts).
  • Assist the Landscape Ecologist in Inter-departmental convergence of existing schemes that would form part of the landscape management activities covering the LMP landscape within Medak District.
  • Facilitate and assist to conduct consultative workshop with Medak District Administration and relevant stakeholders covering the LMP landscape within Medak District.
  • Maintain regular interaction with the Regional Director (RD) and facilitate and support the activities of the project within the landscape as and when required by the RD.
  • Submit brief report of each activity along with photographs and participants list.

Closing Date for Questions: 27 March 2020

Closing Date for Submission of Proposal: 3 April 2020

You are kindly invited to submit a technical and financial proposal relating to Tetra Tech ARD Request for Proposal No. 005. All related correspondence for this proposal should be sent to: procurement@forestplus.org

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