RFP Invited for Market Research for Tomato Graders

RFP Invited for Market Research for Tomato Graders

Organization: SELCO Foundation

Apply By: 14 Oct 2020

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TOR - Market Research for Tomato Graders

About the Organization:

SELCO Foundation was founded in 2010 as an open source, not for profit, public charitable trust. SELCO Foundation is a collaborative that strives to inspire and support champions of sustainability across the world.  SELCO Foundation envisions a world where sustainable energy is a part of the approach to development and not an after thought

Goal: To conduct research and explore mobility designs for tomato and potato graders


SELCO Foundation has conducted a study on tomato and potato value chains in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The aim of the study was to understand the crop value chains holistically and propose sustainable energy-based solutions to fill the gaps of productivity, energy, and drudgery. The study findings resulted in proposing solutions based on desirability, feasibility and viability which would result in implementations within existing systems.

The solutions proposed include: rainwater harvesting with solar water floating pumps for tomato nurseries, solar powered hydroponics for tomato nurseries, solar powered sprayers for tomato and potato farmers, solar powered decentralised cold storage for seed potatoes, pre digester for tomato waste at the APMC level, solar powered sun driers for tomatoes, solar powered submersible pumps for potato farmers in Karnataka and solar powered grading and sorting machines for tomatoes and potatoes.


  • The project requires conducting market research on grading and sorting machines for tomatoes. The primary aim is to explore grading based on sizes, colour and ripeness.
  • The study should result in proposing an array of machines ranging on capacities and technical capabilities. Efficiency is the main component as well as compatibility with solar power.
  • Along with the market research, the recommendations should consider improving efficiency as well, if required.


  • Another aspect to be explored through the study would be mobility of these tomato graders as it would be convenient for the farmers.
  • These tomato graders would be placed at primary processing centres being established FPOs. Hence, exploring mobility would also be critical.


  • Market research document with comparisons of different graders available in the market. An array of solutions to be recommended based on capacity and technical capabilities
  • If possible, design recommendations (document) on possible mobility of recommended graders. Mock ups/CAD drawings for representative purposes. Document to clearly explain the design aspects being presented.

Budget: INR 50,000-75,000 for duration of 10-15 days of research, design and documentation

Timeline of research: 10-15 days

Send in your Budget with proposal to apply@selcofoundation.org with the subject line “Application for the Market Research for Tomato Graders.

Deadline: 14th October 2020


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