RFP Invited for Procurement of Services for Strategic Positioning and Materials Development

RFP Invited for Procurement of Services for Strategic Positioning and Materials Development

Organization: PATH

Apply By: 12 Mar 2021

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RFP - Procurement of Services for Strategic Positioning and Materials Development

About the Organization:

PATH is a global organization that works to accelerate health equity by bringing together public institutions, businesses, social enterprises, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges. With expertise in science, health, finance, technology, advocacy, and dozens of other specialties, PATH develops and scales innovative solutions-including vaccines, drugs, devices, diagnostics, and approaches to strengthening health systems worldwide.

Project Background:

PATH’s Malaria Radical Cure Opportunity Assessment (MRCOA) project set out to understand key opportunities and challenges associated with scaling up safe radical cure in India. The project identified use cases that spanned multiple contexts including urban and rural environments as well as public and private health care facilities. Through primary and secondary research, geospatial modeling, and feedback from key stakeholders, PATH identified key market segments, their associated risks, and articulated investment opportunities that would increase access to safe radical cure. PATH then mapped these investment opportunities according to health impact and level of investment required.

Scope of Work:


Following a landscape analysis conducted by PATH, the team has identified the challenge that key malaria decision makers in India, at national, and state levels, are either not aware of G6PD deficiency, or do not perceive the value of testing for G6PD deficiency before providing radical cure therapy as a priority in the malaria elimination efforts.

Objectives and Need:

To develop user-friendly communications tools that effectively support consensus building around the need for G6PD and radical cure in support of malaria radical cure in India.


  • Rapid Review of Landscape Analysis and Key Findings
  • Development of Value Proposition and Core Messaging
  • Message Testing with Core Stakeholders
  • Communication Tactics/Materials Planning
  • Materials Development

Proposal Requirements - Financial

Provide itemized costs for the total scope of this project, based on the scope of work and deliverables outlined in Section IV. The final scope of work may be subject to negotiation; however, bidder selection will be made against the original scope of work. Bids should include itemized costs for key elements of the scope of work, as follows:

  • Percent participation in total level of effort according to key staff.
  • Rates of key staff.
  • Estimated total level of effort and associated costs.
  • Itemization of all other costs, e.g., agency costs, agency fees, sub-contracted resources, administrative costs, supplies, tax, etc.

Proposal Requirements – Technical

Provide a narrative on your technical approach to accomplish the Scope of Work and Deliverables per section IV, including:

  • Description of technical approach.
  • Discussion of project management and roles of project team.
  • Timeline to meet the deliverables.
  • Potential obstacles and plan to overcome them.
  • Identification of major internal and external resources.
  • Proposed engagement cadence with team and preferred review cycles for deliverables.
  • Management and delivery of work given COVID-19.

Provide information on your overall qualifications, including:

  • Profile of relevant corporate qualifications.
  • Profile of relevant experience and examples of related work in India (e.g. communications with health care providers and/or policy-makers).
  • Qualifications of key members of the proposed project team (attach CVs and provide details of back-up/standby teams). Please highlight any medical or scientific qualifications.
  • Number of years in business.
  • Annual revenue.
  • If your company has more than one location, please indicate these qualifications for the site that is responding

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