RFP-Short term Consultant-Contextual & Comparative Data Analysis for Tomato Value Chain

RFP-Short term Consultant-Contextual & Comparative Data Analysis for Tomato Value Chain

Organization: SELCO Foundation

Apply By: 30 May 2021

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Short term Consultant - Contextual and Comparative Data Analysis for Tomato Value Chain

About the Organization:

SELCO Foundation was founded in 2010 as an open source, not for profit, public charitable trust. SELCO Foundation is a collaborative that strives to inspire and support champions of sustainability across the world.  SELCO Foundation envisions a world where sustainable energy is a part of the approach to development and not an afterthought. Their mission is to create a platform of solutions that uses sustainable energy as a catalyst to link environmental sustainability and poverty alleviation.


1. Submit a work plan for the entire project, deliverables and timelines (*note: please include at least 3 check in calls with SELCO to ensure consistency in direction).

2. Submit a final report and summary deck on the comparative analysis of the Tomato value chain between identified regions in India and Tanzania through the following:

  • Jointly with SELCO Foundation, identify shortlisted districts/ regions for comparison where Tomato cropping is a relevant livelihood in India and other geographies based on parameters identified by SELCO (indicative parameters are mentioned below. Note this can be built on by the consultant).
  • Conduct a detailed study of the Tomato value chain in identified districts in India and identified analogous regions in Tanzania based on the parameters to create regional, sectoral and end-user profiles and stakeholder mapping in such identified regions in India and other geographies.
  • Following the above, undertake a comparative analysis between the identified districts in India and the identified analogous regions in other geographies and highlight the comparative aspects in the regional, value chain level and end-user profiles as well as stakeholder mapping of both regions including present and absent factors/aspects.

*Note: At least 1 draft report to be submitted for review and inputs before final report.


They would strongly encourage the research methods to include primary data collection through local stakeholder consultations as well as Indian nationals who have experience in other geographies in addition to secondary data.


In response, kindly include 2 references.


The Indicative Parameters for the study are -

Regional Profiling:

  • Geographical, Climate, Demography (Age, Gender, HDI, Poverty profiling) Population Density
  • Spatial timeframe - Improvement in the last 5 years / Deterioration in the last 5 years/ Stagnancy in the last 5 years
  • Special Policy/ Funding/ Focus by Govt for livelihoods VCs in this region
  • Energy Access status - Sources of energy mix if any, access and quality, priority energy needs

Sectoral Profiling (Tomato Value Chain):

  • Key activities related Tomato value chain
  • Presence of relevant stakeholders and their key roles/activities
  • Maturity of each ecosystem component i.e access to financing, forward and backward linkages, technology access & mechanization, policy, training - Matured, Weak Maturity, Absent
  • What activities in the VC are undertaken at end-user level
  • Institutional support to Tomato value chain activities (NGOs, FPOs, Govt)
  • Market supply and demand scenario

End-user Profiling (Tomato Value Chain):

  • Sources of Income; Primary or secondary source of income
  • Typology of farming/ processing activity - Self consumption or for market, small-holder farming, type of activities at farm level, processing at decentralized level
  • Access to inputs, basic resources (eg. water, land)
  • Types of Vulnerability of End-users

1. Tribals/ Climate Risks/ Migrants/ Social Conflicts

2. Remoteness (distance from nearest towns/ cities)

3. Recurring / Long term vulnerability (eg. climatic, health, conflict, political instability)

4. Price volatility/ Market access

  • Barriers, challenges (Geographic, Economic, Market, Social)
  • Identified needs/bottlenecks of the end-users
  • Technology mapping for different nodal points in the value chain

Interested candidates may send their CV via email with the subject "Comparative Study II - India & Other Geographies" to apply@selcofoundation.org marking cc shripathi@selcofoundation.org



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