RFP for External Evaluation of Night School Transformation Programme

RFP for External Evaluation of Night School Transformation Programme

Organization: Fundación Educación Y Cooperación (Educo)

Apply By: 30 Jul 2021

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RFP for External Evaluation of Night School Transformation Programme

About the Organization:

Educo is a global development cooperation and humanitarian action NGO present in 14 countries that has been working for more than 30 years towards a world where all children fully enjoy their rights and lead a life of dignity. They are part of the Child Fund Alliance, one of the leading international coalitions of NGOs focused on child protection and present in five continents. Educo is also an associate member of the international network of Keeping Children Safe which promotes and certifies the level of implementation of protection policies in organizations.

Background and Context:

Educo has been supporting Masoom to implement the “Night School Transformation Program” in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Masoom is a pioneer and the only organization working for Night School transformation in Maharashtra. And Maharashtra is the only state with a formal policy for Night schools.  The organization has over 10-year experience of working with 59 Night schools. The key achievements include: That the Government recognize Masoom as an organization working in the Night School sector. Masoom has also entered a MoU to implement the government grading tool in the Masoom supported Night Schools.

Masoom has developed a grading tool which grades the schools on quantitative and qualitative aspects. Masoom grades schools on various parameters which are in-line with the Pragat Shaikshanik Maharashtra Program, of the Maharashtra Government. Masoom has invested about three years with the Night Schools to enable transformation. In the next two years, Masoom steadily phases out from the schools; after building the capacity of the stakeholders. Overall, Masoom envisages a five-year period to work with the identified Night Schools.

Evaluation Scope:

Educo seeks to undertake an external evaluation of the Night School Transformation Program to measure the success and progress of the programme. The purpose of this evaluation is to understand the efficacy of the interventions under the program and its overall effect on the targeted stakeholders. Findings of the study will help to understand formulate appropriate recommendations for corrective action as well as identify areas for enhancement.

  • Impact- 1 - All Children in the locality have access to quality education in the 4-night schools in Mumbai.
  • Impact-2-Night school children are safe and protected in school, community and in transit.
  • Impact- 3- Increased responsiveness of government and other key stakeholders towards night schools.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Relevance
  • Coherence
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Impact
  • Sustainability
  • Participation And Appropriation
  • Coverage
  • Design

According to the Best Interests of the Child principle, this should respect the following protocols:

  • Before collecting data from primary sources, the staff must clearly communicate to the children and adolescents, parents/guardians, and members of the community the aims and goals of their visit and the study itself and explain what the collected information will be used for.
  • The information obtained from children and adolescents must be treated as confidential in order to protect anonymity. Other people interviewed can also choose to remain anonymous.
  • Educo will be in charge of obtaining the necessary authorization in order to quote the information while maintaining anonymity.
  • The participants must be able to voluntarily decide whether or not to participate in the interview/group discussions and clearly express their consent.

Evaluation Team Profile:

  • Higher university degree in relevant field (e.g., child protection, development, or social sciences)
  • Proven experience in conducting quality evaluations and assessing development programmes (preferably in child protection)
  • Thorough knowledge on the relevant thematic area and India context.
  • Strong child rights programming skills and gender approach (child participation skills an asset)
  • English essential; local language skills would be helpful (preferable Marathi)
  • Excellent knowledge of monitoring and evaluation methodologies (demonstrated by previous evaluations- a sample report to be enclosed). Knowledge systematization of best practices and some life story.
  • Excellent analytical report writing skills (demonstrated through a sample report provided)
  • Good handling of statistics and graphics

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