RFP for Selection of Agency to conduct Mid-Term Evaluation of Skill Development Programs being implemented in Jharkhand

RFP for Selection of Agency to conduct Mid-Term Evaluation of Skill Development Programs being implemented in Jharkhand

Organization: Jharkhand Skill Development Mission Society

Apply By: 25 Jul 2020

RFP for Selection of Agency to conduct Mid-Term Evaluation of Skill Development Programs being implemented in Jharkhand

About the Organization:

Jharkhand Skill Development Mission Society ("JSDMS") was registered on 1 October, 2013 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 to function as an autonomous organization under Department of Planning and Development, Government of Jharkhand. Currently Jharkhand Skill Development Mission works as an autonomous body under the Department of Higher, Technical Education and Skill Development. 


  • The RFP will enable to select appropriate agency to conduct the mid-term evaluation within stipulated timeframe.
  • The mid-term evaluation will set an opportunity for the state to redefine the state targets of skill development in the state.
  • Identify and develop mid-term correction plan for the skill ecosystem in the state.

Terms and Scope of Work

There are different departments apart from Jharkhand skill development mission society (JSDMS) in Jharkhand that are implementing skill development activities in the state. Government of Jharkhand has bestowed these departments to train 2 million youth in five years, 2017-2022. Each department is working under the ambit of NSQF/MSME/NCVT and likewise qualification frameworks. At present the departments are working independently, though the target for the state is high but there is no mechanism to monitor the progress of all the departments in a single platform.

Due to this the output and outcome of the skill initiative at the state are not getting properly analyzed and corrective measures are not in place. In order to quantify the impact holistically for the socio-economic development of the trained candidates it is imperative to converge the MIS of all skill initiatives in the state at one platform i.e. the JSDMS (MIS) portal.

Convergence of inter-departmental MIS shall enable the state for an in-depth analysis of the progress being made by the schemes/projects and monitor shift in the skill ecosystem since the inception of the schemes/projects. Such factual data analysis will enable the state to take informed decision on the way ahead for skill development initiatives, modification/customization of existing projects, identification of point of convergence amongst departments and creation of roadmap for collaboration to match national and international standard.

As now JSDMS has been offering different skilling schemes for more than 2.5 years now hence it is imperative to conduct a midterm assessment of the skill initiatives in the state to understand department wise baseline parameters, processes of RFP of Training service providers, schematic progress, challenges, corrective action required, resource mobilization, module identification for convergence and likewise indicators for preparing the roadmap for the skilling initiates in the state.

In order to have an unprejudiced assessment that can provide with constructive inputs for enabling the skilling ecosystem of state, JSDMS intends to select an independent agency through Request For Proposal (RFP), Quality cum Cost Based Selection (QCBS) method).

  • The total weightage for the Technical Proposal will be 75% and for Financial Proposal will be 25%.
  • An applicant will have to achieve minimum 70 marks out of 100 in the Technical proposal to get shortlisted for opening of the financial proposal.
  • The minimum score to be eligible for the “Interview of the proposed team” is 56 out of 80 in the Technical Proposal
  • The financial tender of the only those agencies will be opened which has top three scores in the Technical Proposal.
  • In event of a tie in the technical score between two or more agency the agency JSDMS will apply appropriate method for arriving at the top three scorers in the Technical Proposal.

The key stakeholders of JSDMS for this research assignment are:

  • Government Departments:
  • District Machinery:
  • Training Service Provider:
  • Employers and recruiters, recruiting candidates from skill development schemes from multiple sectors:
  • Candidates/Trainees of Jharkhand for skill development schemes in Jharkhand.
  • PMKVY Centrally Managed Scheme Training Service Providers
  • NSDC, representatives and employees
  • Sector Skill Council Representatives
  • ITI faculties and Trainees
  • Apprenticeship Candidates and concerned department

On the Field activities

  • Field study/Meeting with key stakeholders for information gathering and understanding of ground realities.
  • Running the tools and techniques for effective data collection as per agreed indicators/parameters
  • Data collection and cleaning
  • Preparation of evidence-based case studies at training centers, mobilization catchments areas and employers‟ site for different stakeholders. The number of case studies shall be mutually agreed between the agency and JSDMS.
  • Identification of convergence MIS modules across the departments for effective data analysis.
  • Finalization of identified convergence modules in consultation with JSDMS and other departments.

Closure Activities

  • Reporting detailed convergence methodology and data entry in the agreed MIS platform for the sample tested.
  • Analysis of data captured across the departments for factual representation of series of events
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Final presentation to JSDMS on closure of the assignment.

Project Duration: Project Duration shall be 90 days from the date of agreement.


  • The Applicant for participation in the Selection Process, may be a single entity or a group of entities (the “Consortium”), coming together to execute the Assignment. However, no applicant applying individually or as a member of a Consortium, as the case may be, can be member of another consortia bidding for the Assignment.
  • An Applicant or a member of Consortium may either be a sole proprietorship firm/ a partnership firm/ a limited liability partnership/ a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956/2013/Societies Registration Act / Trust Act or a body corporate incorporated under the applicable laws of its origin.
  • The applicant must have been in business for last ten years before the date of publication of the tender document inside the boundaries of the nation
  • The applicant must not have been blacklisted by any Government body and law enforcement agencies.
  • The applicant must have its registered office in India and have its regional offices in two states.
  • The applicant must have at least 50 human resources in its regular payroll.
  • The applicant has a minimum turnover of 50 lakhs each year in last three years from the date of publication of the tender document.

Bidders requiring any clarification on the RFP may notify JSDMS in writing or by letter and/or e-mail to jsdmtenders@gmail.com

Last date: 25th July 2020

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