RFP for development of e-modules, deployment of the Learning Management System and delivery trainings for strengthening the capacities of Mission Shakti SHGs in Odisha

RFP for development of e-modules, deployment of the Learning Management System and delivery trainings for strengthening the capacities of Mission Shakti SHGs in Odisha

Organization: UNFPA

Apply By: 12 Oct 2022

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RFP - Provision of Services to Odisha, India for Development of e-modules, deployment of the Learning Management System and delivery trainings for strengthening the capacities of Mission Shakti SHGs in Odisha on digital-financial literacy, Sexual & Reproduction

About the Organization

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. UNFPA’s strategic plan focuses on three transformative results: to end preventable maternal deaths; end unmet need for family planning; and end gender-based violence and harmful practices.

About the Proposal

Originating as the flagship programme of the Odisha State government to empower women through Women’s Self-Help Groups (WSHGs), Mission Shakti has evolved and now is a separate Department of the Government of Odisha. The Department of Mission Shakti endeavours to empower 7 million women, organized into 600,000 WSHGs, by facilitating credit-market linkages for economic and financial empowerment of women.

Mission Shakti has created income generation opportunities for WSHGs in convergence with different government departments for provisioning of services, procurement of goods, and to scale up financial inclusion initiatives, thus giving an impetus to economic strengthening and paving the way for transformative change in women’s empowerment in Odisha. The WSHGs have played a pivotal role in creating awareness on social issues, as well as supporting communities in disaster preparedness and response, including in the COVID-19 response. They have emerged as a powerful platform for the government to reach out to communities and households even in the most remote locations of the state.

UNFPA and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) are partnering with the Department of Mission Shakti to deepen and strengthen the ongoing initiatives in the state of Odisha for empowerment of women. The overarching aim of the partnership is not only to further strengthen the knowledge base and capacities on Digital and financial literacy but also to expand it to relatively newer areas like SRHR and GBV that directly impacts the empowerment process and impedes the economic participation of women. The partnership aims to support the empowerment of women through building and strengthening the capacities of WSHGs over a period of 3 years, on:

  • Digital and Financial Literacy (reaching more than 830,000 women)
  • Awareness on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and addressing gender-based violence (reaching more than 270,000 women)

Training on these two areas will be provided through a specialized programme using a cascade model. Master trainers from all 30 districts will be trained at the state level, who will further train women belonging to block level or gram panchayat level federations of Mission Shakti. Beyond this level, the intervention will aim for an indirect reach to WSHG members through the trained federation members.


Within the context of the background of the assignment, UNFPA is seeking a qualified agency to design and develop e-modules and training kits, deploy a robust digital architecture including LMS for rolling out and monitoring of the training programme, and train the master trainers.

Scope of work

  • Deployment of the digital architecture for Mission Shakti program: The selected agency shall set up a digital architecture, including a customization and deployment of existing learning management system (LMS), an android based mobile application version of LMS for hosting e-modules, which will serve as the backbone of the program. It is the requisite of the RFQ that the bidder/s must have an existing LMS, mobile application or leverage from a partner under consortium for this program. The mobile application and the web based LMS should be robust and should have an easy interface. Key features of LMS:
  • allow for adding multiple types of users (admins, trainers, learners) through individual registration or facilitated registration including role-based permission model for viewing of data;
  • option to register user under master ID on LMS to keep track of training via master trainers;
  • provide offline access to training materials and course assessments, with an option to sync users’ activity when they are connected to the internet;
  • support collection of monitoring data, such as training session photographs or location information through geotagging;
  • generate customized certificates with unique ID for learners upon course completion;
  • include an analytical dashboard for tracking progress at various levels of geographic aggregation, as well as at the level of individual trainers;
  • be backed by a robust database architecture and cloud to store training records;
  • support seamless transfer of data of trainings through a suitable automated mechanism (for e.g. through API) to other platform;
  • should be able to support registration of up to 1 million users.
  • Cloud Hosting services: Hosting and maintenance services for the project solution shall be required for the entire implementation period, which is expected to continue till May 2025. The hosting of digital architecture will be on the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and service providers must be empaneled CSP under the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY). All data must be hosted in India cloud server only.
  • Design and development of e-learning content: The agency shall also develop course content in the areas of:
  • digital & financial literacy, and
  • sexual and reproductive health and rights, incorporating inputs from UNFPA and other key partners, including the Department of Mission Shakti and UNCDF. This work will require close coordination with all partners, and will include the development of course structure, content and a learning assessment mechanism. The e-learning content should be interactive and may include: animated graphics and video; audio narration; and multiple choice, drag and drop, and matching questions. The development of an e-modules for the Digital & Financial Literacy course will be approximately 120 minutes and for SRH and GBV content, it will be approximately 90 minutes. The course will be divided into shorter modules of 5-10 minutes. The content shall be designed in English, and translated to Odia once reviewed and approved by Mission Shakti, UNCDF and UNFPA.

The digital and financial literacy course should be able to support a 3-day training programme that helps the WSHG members to understand how to access digital and financial services, as well as their benefits, features and risks.

The course on sexual and reproductive rights and gender-based violence should be designed as a 6- day programme to be undertaken in two phases of three days each (with a gap of six months between the first and second phase). It should enhance the knowledge of WSHG members on rights and entitlements related to sexual and reproductive health, improve their health-seeking behavior, and enable them to demand quality services. The course should also improve their understanding of gender issues, and existing legislations and support mechanisms to address discrimination and gender-based violence, enabling them to challenge harmful practices such as child marriage and witch-hunting.

  • Development of physical toolkits: Since the project will be implemented across Odisha, including areas with limited internet connectivity, the online training courses will be supplemented with stand-alone physical toolkits including handouts, guides, flipbooks, visual aids or other appropriate training and reference materials. The bidder/s are required to deliver camera and print ready editable files of the physical toolkit. The training kits will be finalized in coordination with UNFPA and UNCDF.
  • Training of master trainers: Three master trainers from each district will be selected and trained over a three-day period on digital and financial literacy, creating a pool of 90 trainers. Master trainers from 15 districts will be trained in the first year of implementation, and those from the remaining 15 districts will be trained in the second year. Of the three days, two days (14 hours) could be set aside to cover the basics of digital literacy and one day (7 hours) will cover the basics of financial literacy.

Additionally, a team of four to five active WSHG leaders from each district will be trained as master trainers on sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as on issues related to gender-based violence and accessing the justice system. A total of 75 master trainers from 15 districts will be trained in the first year, and an additional 75 master trainers from the remaining 15 districts will be trained in the next year. The master trainers will be selected based on certain criteria like effective communication and facilitation skills, willingness to spare time and travel. The training will total six days, with each master trainer attending two sessions of three days each, conducted semi-annually by experts on the subject.

Management Team must be deputed in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha for Mission Shakti program as per timeline of their requirement for the project execution.

  • Setting up of the monitoring, quality and support mechanism: To ensure the quality standard of the training to master trainers and further management of cascade training, the agency is expected to set up an online calling support system for the period of the program. This online support unit should be small and must be skilled in conducting calls to SHGs to check quality of training, ensure training are conducted by master trainers and DigiShakti’s as well as monitor the training across districts in Odisha under Mission Shakti program. The unit will have to provide monthly reports to UNFPA, UNCDF for review and all protocols and surveys must be approved in advance.


  • Customization and Deployment of the LMS along with mobile application for setting up digital architecture for the Mission Shakti Programme (including consultations and approval from Mission Shakti, UNCDF and UNFPA)
  • Submission of course content, including storyboards and scripts, based on consultations with Mission Shakti, UNCDF and UNFPA for both digital & financial literacy and SRH/GBV
  • Design and development of e-modules (~120 minutes for Digital & Financial Literacy and ~90 minutes for SRH and GBV course) and physical toolkits for the Mission Shakti programme (in consultation and approval from Mission Shakti, UNCDF and UNFPA)
  • Roll out of digital architecture of the program including learning management system, and mobile application, hosting of e-learning content, assessment and certification mechanism, monitoring dashboard and API integration to external system for validation of certification for incentive payments to WSHGs
  • Setting up of the monitoring, quality and support system for Mission Shakti Program at Bhubaneshwar
  • A pool of 90 master trainers on digital and financial literacy, and 150 master trainers trained on sexual and reproductive rights and gender-based violence.
  • Cloud Hosting and maintenance service for digital platform

How to Apply

All Bids comprising of Technical and Financial parts should reach the below and corresponding addresses no later than 12th October 2022, at [IST 11.59 pm, New Delhi.

  • If you choose to submit your Bid in hard copy, your Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be submitted in separate, sealed envelopes in accordance to clause 20.3 Submission of hard copy Bids, and should reach the following address:

United Nations Population Fund 55, Lodi Estate New Delhi 110 003 India

  • If you choose to submit your Bid electronically, your Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be submitted in separate emails in accordance to clause 20.4 Submission of electronic Bids, should reach the email inbox of UNFPA (Bids.india@unfpa.org)

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