RFP for development of orchards on 75 acres of land with smallholder farmers

RFP for development of orchards on 75 acres of land with smallholder farmers

Organization: CARE India

Apply By: 29 May 2023

RFP & SOW for development of orchards on 75 acres of land with smallholder farmers in selected villages of Batiyagarh and Pathariya blocks of Damoh district.

CARE India Solutions for Sustainable Development (CISSD) is a company registered under section 25  of the Companies Act, 1956 (now section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013) having its UP-Hub office at  2/5, Vishal Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow-226010. CISSD is a not-for-profit organization, working for  the empowerment of marginalized women and girls and focusing on alleviating poverty and social  injustice through well-planned and comprehensive projects in health, education, livelihoods, and  disaster preparedness and response. 

CISSD would like to SELECTION OF AN AGENCY for development of orchards on 75 acres of land  with smallholder farmers in selected villages of Batiyagarh and Pathariya blocks of Damoh district.We kindly request you to submit a Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal (Two  bids/Separately) via email. The Financial Proposal should be password protected and the financial  proposal password will be asked for at a later stage. 

Detailed Scope of Work (SOW) is attached for reference.  

Important Dates and Information 



29 th May 23

Submission of Technical and Financial Bid separately via email. Proposal to be sent on “procurementup@careindia.org”

Financial proposals should be password protected and passwords will be asked at a later stage.

Kindly submit Technical and Financial proposal via link if data size exceed from 10 mb. 


Technical Evaluation Criteria 





Documents to be submitted


Agency should have minimum 3 years  of experience in Experience in in  Horticulture Development for as per  our required materials (In Years)


PO/WO/Agreement or any other  

document which establish 3 years of  experience


Experience of 3 similar assignments of Horticulture Development works in  Government institutions/ NGOs/  School system / On Agriculture land  with Farmers from last three FY. 


Self-certify on letter head. 

3 projects including name and contact  number of client, project title, location,  project brief, video link and budget with  Client reference details. 


Credentials of the agency. 

Organization profile, organization  registration certificate, core 

competency, technical capacities


Detailed Proposal.  

Financial capability like ITR , Annual  Audited statements , Human resources ,  Experience and technical expertise of the  Trainer.


Technical Specifications for all  

required material. 

Information on Germination Rate 

Details provided grafted plant  

specifications for each fruit variety 

Provided pit digging 1 specification as  per our mention TOR required  


A brief detail provided by vendor  agency vermicompost manure with  specification and content component  

Providing vendor agency technical  specification 


Approach and methodology for designing  the assignment and Payment and costing  Patterns.


Proposed timeline, workplan and  Quality assurance  

Warranty Services provided to the  Equipment Installed  

Providing vendor agency Technical  Training to Farmers and Care Team  Members on Crop diversification.


Proposed timeline and workplan &  technical training to farmers and care  team members for project.

Total Marks 


Minimum Qualifying score – 70 marks 

Min 10 Marks to be obtained in Category 2  

Min 10 Marks to be category 4

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