Request for Proposal – Health Facility Accreditation at 26 Centres in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Request for Proposal – Health Facility Accreditation at 26 Centres in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Organization: HCL Foundation

Apply By: 20 Apr 2021


HCL Samuday is the flagship Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of HCL Foundation which is being implemented in partnership with Government of Uttar Pradesh. HCL Samuday strives to bring a lasting impact on the lives of people residing in rural India through participatory interventions in Agriculture, Livelihood, Education, Health & Nutrition, and WASH.

Community Health Centers (CHCs) forms the backbone of comprehensive health facilities which provide preventive, promotive and curative healthcare at primary level. Quality of healthcare services in these facilities is one of the key elements on the path to Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and fundamental towards achieving the health related goals under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the pathways to improve quality of care in health system, is via the accreditation route. Accreditation has been accepted globally as a regulatory intervention to set standards, and monitor quality of care.                                   The idea behind an accreditation project is to evaluate a health care organization via self and external assessment, against predetermined optimal standards, to improve and set standards of care. Accreditation will help to overcome the challenges of inadequate facilities, infrastructure, coverage, access and quality which continued to plague the health system 



This project will help in preparing the health facilities for attaining accreditation/certification by identifying the requirements of quality standards of NABH/NQAS/LAQSHAYA/KAYAKALP in 26 health facilities of Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh. Following are the detailed objectives:

  • A comprehensive health facility assessment will be carried out to identify the gaps related to infrastructure, HR, stock management, process and service improvement wherein support can be provided in order to strengthen and then accredit/certify that facility. The team will assess the quality and operational systems which are in place within the facility. 
  • Facility-wise action plan will be prepared along with the financial budget that will be required for preparing the facility for accreditation/certification in consultation with concerned stakeholders and HCL Foundation.  

Detailed Activities

Conduct gap assessment with regard to NABH/NQAS/LAQSHYA/KAYAKALP Accreditation/Certification and identify the bottlenecks 

  • Draw a gap analysis between the laid down processes and on ground processes followed by the identified health facilities and providing the analysis of variations and challenges. The assessment should cover all the sections under the standard protocols laid down by the government for NABH/NQAS/LAQSHYA/KAYAKALP Accreditation/Certification, like-wise:
  1. Comprehensive package of services provided at facility and their utilization.
  2. Assessment of quality of services provided at the facility and patient satisfaction.
  3. Adequate and safe infrastructure for the delivery of quality services.
  4. Availability of equipment, logistics, medicines as per the facility requirement by the government
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Knowledge and skill set of health service providers
  7. Hospital Infection Control
  8. Assessment of quality management system 
  9. Key Performance Indicators covering the productivity, efficiency, clinical care and safety and service quality aspect, etc.
  • Identifying the bottlenecks to be considered for re-engineering based on the gap assessment data review and analysis.
  • The in-depth gap assessment should be conducted on standard format of accreditation set by Government of India and Government of Uttar Pradesh for Sub Center, New/Additional Primary Health Center and Community Health Center and District Hospital.
  • The identification of facilities and implementation of in-depth gap assessment at 26 different type of health facilities will be conducted in close co-ordination with HCL Foundation and District Authority.
  • A detailed and facility-wise gap-assessment report should be prepared showcasing the bottlenecks and the difference between processes laid down by the government and the on-ground processes implemented at the facilities.

              Preparation of detailed Action Plan

  • Based on detailed identified gap analysis findings, carry out the task of preparing an action plan for bridging all identified gaps under all parameters of attaining NABH/NQAS/LAQSHYA/KAYAKALP accreditation as per the facility needs.
  • The action plan shall be prepared for each 26 facilities especially covering the training needs of the staff and the financials required covering all the aspects for facility improvement with regards to the accreditation/certification standard protocols.
  • An interim status update report shall be submitted on fortnightly basis of the identified health facilities engaged in the assessment.
  • The final action plan shall be prepared in consultation with the concerned stakeholder (facility-in-charge, District Quality Assurance Unit and Other) and HCL Foundation.

Project Duration

The project shall be completed within a time period  of three months, 3rd May 2021- 31st July 2021

Geographical Location

The project will be implemented in 26 public health facilities including 1 District Women Hospital, 11 Community Health Centers, 13 Additional/ New Primary Health Centers and 1 Sub Center in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh.

Annexure A: Proposed Timeline- Gantt Chart as per the attached Format

 Annexure B: Proposed Budget– as per the attached Budget Template


For any general query, Please feel free to connect Saurabh Gond at saurabh.kg@hcl.com 

For any technical/project implementation query connect - Dr Reeta Rana – reeta.r@hcl.com


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