SoW - Training of Trainers on Advance Career Counselling

SoW - Training of Trainers on Advance Career Counselling

Organization: Room to Read

Apply By: 18 Jan 2022

About the organization

Room to Read (RtR) envisions a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world. To achieve this goal, RtR focuses on two areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact: Literacy and Gender equality in education in collaboration with communities and local governments across all the operational states.  


Room to Read’s (RtR) Girls’ Education Program (GEP) ensures that girls complete secondary school and have the skills to negotiate key life decisions.  In India, since 2004, the program has benefitted over 15000 girls across 7 states- Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Uttarakhand. Over the years, the program has witnessed powerful stories of change, has led to best practices to learn from, and innovative strategies to celebrate and share.  Our program reinforces girls’ commitment to their own education, works with girls to develop essential life skills and increases support for girls’ education among their parents, school staff, and communities.


Project Vijayi


Project Vijayi endeavors to empower approximately 68,700 girls through a life-skills based intervention that will help them complete their education, acquire critical employability skills and negotiate key life decisions that lay the foundation for successful lives for themselves, their families and ultimately for future generations. The program focuses on equipping girls with strong life skills that move them towards independence and employability: assessing the job market, developing resumes and preparing for interviews; understanding how be self-confident and safe in the workplace; gathering local resources and assets to develop networks; gaining familiarity with financial institutions; and building relationships with women entrepreneurs. These skills are relevant to both formal wage employment and entrepreneurial endeavors. The project is being implemented in all the KGBVS, Ashramshalas, Porta cabins in the states of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. The project is being implemented by teachers and wardens are trained by Room to Read staff and are supported regularly onsite. 

Scope of Work


Training of Trainers on Advance Career Counselling 

  •  Plan for 16 hours of TOT for RTR program team on advance career counselling  
  •  Delivering the 16 hours of training in TOT form 
  • Conducting the relevant pre and post assessment of the training 
  • Note: The training will be done in physical mode in Delhi; please include the logistical cost (for agency only; RTR will take care of venue and team members cost) in the financial 

Creation of IEC Materials for Girls on Career/ Jobs Opportunities 

  • Conceptualizing, creation of content and designing of 5 IEC materials in form of poster
  • The size of each poster should be 2 ft/ 3 ft
  • The topics of the posters would be finalized in consultation with RTR Technical team 

Creation of Illustrative Audio Visuals for Parents on career opportunities importance for girls

  • Conceptualizing, creation of content (script development) & illustrations voice over and editing (end to end) of 5 illustrative AVs
  • Each video should be of average 3 minutes
  • The topics of the AVs would be finalized in consultation with RTR Technical team 


  • Deliver 16 hours of capacity building training on advance career counselling and guidance with RTR program team.
  • Share pre and post assessment report of the training.
  • 5 IEC materials in form of posters (2 ft/ 3 ft) on career/job opportunities for girls in the form of PDF as well as open files of the same.
  • 5 final illustrative AV for parents on career counselling and guidance and the open files of the same.
  • Each deliverable will undergo multiple rounds of feedback from the RTR technical team before finalization 

Experience Required

The consultant / agency should have an understanding of issue of adolescents and should have a proven experience on career counselling. He/she/ they should have hands on experience in career counselling of adolescents and in training of would be counsellors. They should have proven experience of developing material and modules relating to career counselling. Experience and knowledge around the gender issues at play relating to choices of career would be preferred. 


How to Apply

  • Proposals to be submitted over procurement.india@roomtoread.org (without copying anyone from Room to Read and neither the below mentioned email ID)
  • Last date for submission of proposals is January 18, 2022
  • Subject for submission of proposals is Career Counselling 
  • The individuals/agencies should apply with the following: 
  • FILE 1- Technical Proposal
    • A technical proposal which will outline the way this assignment will be approached. The proposal should mention the timeline for completing the deliverables. The technical proposal should include an outline of content and your approach for all the above-mentioned deliverables. Also, the proposal should outline your approach toward dealing with the gender issues prevalent in our society while choosing one’s career. 
    • Cite relevant work experience and give samples 
    • Detailed CV of all the consultants involved in this project
  • FILE 2- Financial Proposal 
    • Detailed financial proposal 
    • Copy of registration certificate, GST, PAN Card, etc.



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