TOR - for Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of Private Sector in Sanitation

TOR - for Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of Private Sector in Sanitation

Organization: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Institute (WASH Institute)

Apply By: 31 Mar 2023

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About the Organization

Issues such as ground water depletion, water quality deterioration, poor sanitation coverage, poor focus on hygiene, mismanagement of solid and liquid waste, rapid urbanisation, and other emerging issues due to climate change, demand adequate human resources with necessary capacity.

During 2008, a sectoral evaluation study was conducted to assess the “Existing Capacities in water and sanitation sector”. The findings of this study necessitated the birth of WASH Institute. The study revealed that there was a need for focussed training institutes that also act as link between demand and supply side in water and sanitation sector. The study also brought out the situation that at present no single institute offers full-fledged course on aspects of water and environmental sanitation program implementation, as is offered in selected universities of the western countries. The need of the hour was therefore to take the first step in developing a cadre of trained water and sanitation professionals, who would be deployed at different levels to support a more professionally driven approach to implementation, which would aim at increasing the effectiveness of the programme delivery and coverage of water and sanitation services. It was in this context that during 2008, some handful of leading sector experts joined hands together and established Water Sanitation and Hygiene Institute at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu to address the above mentioned issues. Recently, the organization has marked 13th year in the development space in enabling the communities with sustainable drinking water, sanitation facilities and improved hygiene practices. As of now, the institute operates from 15 locations across 8 states and one Union Territory.

About the Proposal

The objective of this training needs assessment is to identify the current knowledge, skills, and abilities of private sector in the field of wastewater and faecal sludge management (FSM), in order to develop effective training programs to meet their needs.


The scope of this training needs assessment will include private sector companies operating in the sanitation industry, especially in the Sanitation (liquid waste) value chain (user interface – toilets, public, community toilets; Conveyance – sewer and desludging vehicles, Treatment – STP, FSTP, Reuse – Treated water, biosolids) : these companies include, but not limited to those working in: public toilet utilities, faecal sludge desludging operators, wastewater and faecal sludge treatment utilities, conveyance of wastewater, reuse of treated water/sludge, planning and monitoring of wastewater infrastructure and FSM. 

It includes identifying specific job roles for each business function, across the value chain and for each of these job roles reuired skills, existing skills available in the market and gap between the two. It would also look at existing resources, if any, available for entrepreneurs to train the hired staff, ease of using these resources, entrepreneurs’ feedback on the same and highlighting what kind of resources would help them train the staff for specific job roles and finally what is the view of entrepreneurs regarding skill certification – are they willing to pay for such services?


The training needs assessment will result in a report with the following structure

  • Summary table of the training need analysis. Format of the table as prescribed in annexure 1 of this TOR
  • Methodology of the assessment, including tools used, participants surveyed etc. 
  • Detailed analysis of the data collected/gathered; should include detailed list of job roles identified across the value chain; the knowledge, skill and ability (KSA) required for each job role; estimates of the demand for each job role across the country; Gap Analysis in KSA; 
  • Recommendation: Job role wise suggestion on how to bridge KSA, capacity building approaches to be undertaken, convergence with skilling missions of the government. 
  • Assumptions
  • Sector wise gap and training requirement, estimated for the country

Who can apply

  • Firms/agencies with experience of carrying out TNA in Water or Sanitation domains
  • Academic institutions, using students to carry out the research and data collection
  • Post graduate students from reputed management schools, as part of their internship/assignment.

How to apply

  • Kindly submit a proposal including the following elements
  • Profile of the persons to be involved in the assignment, and the relevance of their experience to the task
  • Methodology for performing the task (to include the process and stages of consultation)
  • Deliverables (Table of contents, templates etc.)
  • Timeline for the project
  • Support required from WASH Institute or its partners
  • Financial budget required and payment milestones

Contact information:

The point of contact for this training needs assessment will be Praveen N, Project Director, praveen.n@washinstitute.org , +91-9743892359



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