Tender for Engagement of HR Agency for Short Term Consultants at CDRIS, New Delhi

Tender for Engagement of HR Agency for Short Term Consultants at CDRIS, New Delhi

Organization: Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)

Apply By: 26 May 2020

Tender for Engagement of HR Agency for Short Term Consultants at CDRIS, New Delhi

1. Background Information

1. Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) is a multi-stakeholder platform led and managed by national governments and multilateral organizations to work on various aspects of disaster resilience in infrastructure. Operational aspects of CDRI are managed by CDRIS (Coalition for Disaster Resilient infrastructure Society) with its office at August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikhaji Cama Place, New Delhi, 110066. Currently CDRIS is operating from NDMA Bhawan, Block A-1, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, 110029.

2. CDRIS intends to hire Short Term Consultants (STC) for providing office assistance services at its office. For this, CDRIS intends to engage suitable ‘Agency’ to provide the Consultants on short term basis for 6 months.

3. Proposals are invited by CDRIS from reputed, well established and financially sound Agencies to provide/deploy the STC at the CDRIS Office.

4. Summary information of Tender: 


Tender no.



Type of Tender

Single Tender document containing Technical and Financial Proposal with relevant documents. See format in Annexure 2 (page 17).


Name of Work

Engagement of HR Agency for provision of Short Term Consultants (STC)at CDRIS, New Delhi


Last date of receipt of bids

26th May 2020


GST No. 



Queries regarding the tender and pre-bid 

Abhishek Sharma, Deputy Director (HR and Admin), CDRI, NDMA Bhawan, sro-mitigation@ndma.gov.in,+91-11-26701-814

5. Submission of Proposals:

  • Tender documents can be downloaded from the Tender section of CDRI website https://resilientinfra.org/tenders.php 
  • Proposals (Bid) should be prepared with scanned copies of all necessary documents and converted into one PDF files. Combined Technical and Financial proposal from the bidder should be followed by all the necessary attachments (See Annexure 2 and 3).
  • THE BID IS TO BE SUBMITTED through EMAIL to [etender-cdri@ndma.gov.in ] with subject line: “BID SUBMISSION FOR HR AGENCY - [your agency name]”.
  • The email should include ONE password-protected-PDF file as attachment. Only one email should be sent by each bidder. Multiple emails may lead to disqualification of bidder. If PDF is not password protected, the bid will be rejected.
  • PASSWORD MUST NOT TO BE SHARED ALONG WITH BID SUBMISSION. If the password is shared along with bid submission then it may be treated as rejected.
  • Password for Proposal/Bid PDF file is to be submitted on the same email id [etendercdri@ndma.gov.in ] between 10:00 -11:00 Hrs.; and same may be confirmed on the phone to Sh. Abhishek Sharma, Dy. Director (HR & Admin), CDRIS (Ph.: 011-26701-814/808). Use Times Roman Font for sending Password to ensure readability.
  • In case of failure of sending the password, or providing the incorrect password, in stipulated time and date, bid may be treated as cancelled.
  • Bidders are required to maintain record of their “Password” during the bidding
  • process and provide the same to CDRIS as and when requested.
  • Bidders should read all the instructions carefully and must abide by them. CDRIS reserves right to reject and cancel any bidder who does not explicitly comply with all the instructions. CDRIS also reserves the right to ask bidders to provide additional information and documents as part of due diligence. Any such request from CDRIS should be addressed by the bidders promptly.
  • Deadline for receiving Bids is 26th May 2020, 17:30 hrs. Bids received later than this deadline shall be rejected.

6. Queries regarding this tender can be sent to (etender-cdri@ndma.gov.in) emails with subject line “QUERY for Tender of HR Agency”

Description of work:

Proposals are invited from eligible agencies to provide Three (03) persons for six (06) months with requisite qualifications and experience and to carry out tasks as described in the three profiles given in Annexure 1. The positions to be filled are as follows:

  1. Administration and HR Expert
  2. Finance and Accounts Expert
  3. Procurement Expert

The Agency will propose a consolidated cost per month per Short Term Consultants (STC) and total cost per month for providing the 3 persons. The specific salary and entitlements of the Short Term Consultants (STC) will be managed by the Agency. This contract may be extended by an additional 6 months based on decision of competent authority.

Bidder Eligibility Criteria

  • Prior and continuing experience of providing similar type of human resource to UN Organisations, World Bank, or any other International Organizations of similar stature.
  • The bidder must have implemented/ implementing at least three contracts of deployment of HR to reputed organisations during the last 6 years.
  • The bidder must be approved/recognized/registered by Govt. of India/ Govt. of Delhi for providing HR for office assistance services. Copy of relevant certificate must be attached.
  • The bidder must comply with the statutory requirement, such as registration with ESI, EPF, PAN /TIN/TAN & GST etc.
  • The Agency/Contractor should not have been blacklisted by any Govt., Semi-Govt. Department., or any other organization. An undertaking to this effect shall be submitted by the bidders.
  • The agency must have registered /branch/ local office in New Delhi/Delhi National Capital Region.
  • Each bidder shall submit only one Tender (through email) for the entire scope of work.
  • Proof of all above eligibility criteria should be submitted with the proposal

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