ToR - India Implementation Support, on behalf of Investing in Women to Strengthen Supply Chains Project

ToR - India Implementation Support, on behalf of Investing in Women to Strengthen Supply Chains Project

Organization: Resonance

Apply By: 03 Apr 2023

Project Overview:

Resonance (https://resonanceglobal.com/) is a US-based global consulting firm that helps a variety of donor, commercial and investor clients around the world to solve urgent global development challenges through a mix of private sector partnership, innovation, and market-led approaches. Investing in Women to Strengthen Supply Chains is a Global Development Alliance (GDA), between USAID and PepsiCo to make the business case for women’s economic empowerment (WEE) in agricultural supply chains. USAID and PepsiCo are working together to strengthen women’s agricultural skills and access to resources within PepsiCo’s supply chains and to demonstrate the value of women’s contributions to core business and impact goals. The partnership aims to ensure that women – as farmers or workers – benefit from being directly or indirectly involved within PepsiCo’s supply chains while also being empowered within their households and communities. The project also aims to promote positive masculinity among male producers to shift gender norms and create more inclusive agricultural supply chains.

The partnership interventions target farmers, laborers, and farming households along with other supply chain actors. Together, the partners will provide evidence-based models, new on-farm approaches, and data and insights to make a practical and compelling business case for scaling investments in women’s economic empowerment within PepsiCo and other global companies. An underlying hypothesis that the partnership is designed to test and strengthen is that increased women’s inclusion and empowerment will enable more competitive and sustainable supply chain outcomes related to regenerative practice uptake, farm yields, farm profitability, and overall supply chain resilience. The prime geographic focus of the partnership is in the western 5 districts of U.P.

Description of Goods or Services:

In India, this project is seeking services related to the following areas:

● Social and Economic Security Awareness & Enrollment Support for Farm Laborers and Farmers: Under this partnership, we aim to provide smallholder farmers and farm laborers (targeting women laborers) working with PepsiCo suppliers with information about the benefits of major social and economic welfare schemes such as PM Suraksha Bima Yojana, Labor cards, Atal Pension Yojana, Old age pension, etc, provided by the Government of India and Government of Uttar Pradesh and support them in enrolling in relevant schemes as per their eligibility.

● Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler set subsidy awareness and enrollment support to suppliers: Under this partnership, we aim to support PepsiCo suppliers and farmers in accessing the Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler subsidy set under “Per Drop More Crop” and “Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana”.

● Digital literacy training: Under this partnership, we aim to provide basic digital literacy to literate women farmers, young girls and laborers associated with PepsiCo suppliers. Through this training the beneficiary will be able to use IT and digital technology to access information.

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