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ToR - Media & PR Agency for India Gets Reading Campaign 2022 (Reading Equals =)

ToR - Media & PR Agency for India Gets Reading Campaign 2022 (Reading Equals =)

Organization: Room to Read

Apply By: 04 Jul 2022

Terms of Reference (ToR) – Media & PR Agency for India Gets Reading Campaign 2022 (Reading Equals =) 


Room to Read India was officially established in 2003 and seeks to transform the lives of millions of children across India by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. While our Literacy Program encourages fluency among early learners, our Girls' Education Program develops life skills so that girls graduate with the right skills to succeed both in and out of school.


Following the earlier editions of the India Gets Reading Campaign in 2019, 2020, and 2021, the India Gets Reading Campaign 2022 (Reading Equals =) would continue to promote the habit of reading among a maximum number of children. It will also mobilize support from key stakeholders such as teachers, parents, government, donors, etc., and advance the culture of reading by initiating action and investment by these stakeholders in children.



The previous edition of the India Gets Reading Campaign was built on the exemplary support of all stakeholders involved to help Room to Read achieve its strategic campaign goals. This Terms of Reference seeks to solicit proposals from reputable media and PR agencies with relevant experience in handling campaigns/events to bring the India Gets Reading Campaign 2022 to fruition and ensure robust, end-to-end management of the campaign at the national level as well as management of a key activity across all Room to Read India intervention states. 



  • To promote the culture of reading in children across the country
  • To garner support from relevant stakeholders to ensure that all children have access to reading, learning, and subsequently, growth opportunities

Profile and role of PR & Media Agency 

A reputable end-to-end PR & Media Agency with considerable, relevant experience handling media writing & publishing is sought to manage the India Gets Reading Campaign 2022 (Reading Equals =). The central role of the partner is to manage end-to-end PR-related services for India Gets Reading Campaign 2022 and ensure efficiency in the national and regional campaign outreach processes. 


The services required of the agency are outlined below.

Room to Read India seeks collaboration with a reputable PR agency to bring our thoughts and values, our mission, and objectives to the center stage and reinvigorate the conversation around critical issues such as early grade literacy and girls’ education. The PR agency will be expected to:

  1. Develop 3 high-impact authored articles reflecting Room to Read’s understanding of various ongoing issues in the education sector and published in leading newspapers, magazines & online media platforms (both print and online)
  2. Two National level Press Releases - one at the launch of the campaign and the other on the culmination event/seminar. One Press Release at the states level (all 11 states) at the start of the campaign
  3. News coverages (atleast 5 impressions at the national and state levels) in media across all the 12 Room to Read India intervention states (including Delhi) during the campaign duration
  4. Facilitate a radio partnership for two speaking opportunities (which includes but is not limited to awareness sharing talk session, Room to Read leadership interview, interview with a Room to Read India beneficiary). These can be either two different activities with the same radio partner or two different activities with two radio channels
  5. Social Media- Atleast 20-30 impressions between micro/macro influencers 


  • The PR agency must have a proven track record of working on high-stake projects with reputed brands and social sector organizations.
  • The PR agency must have prior experience of turning around high impact deliverables within tight timelines.
  • The PR agency must have at least five years of professional experience in the sector.

Role of Room to Read India

Room to Read India will oversee and approve content and selected publishing pieces developed by the PR & Media agency. Room to Read India would also advise the agency in choosing the topics for articles/Op-eds. 

Duration of project: 

  • 10th August 2022 to 30th October 2022


How to apply

  • Interested individuals / agencies may apply.
  • Proposals to be submitted over Procurement.India@roomtoread.org (without copying anyone from RTR and neither the below mentioned email ID)
  • Last Date for the submission is 4th July ’2022
  • Subject for submission of Technical Proposal is – TECHNICAL PROPOSAL: Hiring Agency - Media & PR Agency 
    • Kindly note that interested individuals/agencies need to submit TECHNICAL PROPOSALS ONLY in a PDF format
    • Please send in your portfolio with details of working on similar projects
    • Relevant samples of previous work including client list 
  • Subject for submission of Financial Proposal is – FINANCIAL PROPOSAL: Hiring Agency -   Media & PR Agency

Contact Person for Any Clarification:

Name: Vivek Shrawat  

Email Id: Vivek.shrawat@roomtoread.org




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