ToR - Preparation of Detailed Project Report for SHILPP in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra

ToR - Preparation of Detailed Project Report for SHILPP in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra

Organization: Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha

Apply By: 09 Apr 2021

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for “Soil Health Improvement and Livelihood Promotion Program (SHILPP)” in 31 villages, 21332ha,8700households in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra.

Objective of the assignment

The consultant’s team will comprise social development specialist, agronomist, and soil biochemist. All consultants will work collectively as a team in developing required outputs. The consulting services required for the technical assistance (TA) will include, but will not necessarily be limited to, the services described in this term of reference (TOR). The Bajaj CSR team and CEO-JBGVS may augment the tasks outlined as required, to comply with Bajaj CSR guidelines and procedures, and to improve the quality of the overall TA. The tasks are to be carried out in close cooperation with the government line departments, and extensive consultation is needed to ensure transfer of knowledge and ownership of the processes and documents.

Coverage for this ToR

SHILPP Phase I: For prioritized 31 villages of JBGVS from BWCP Phase II area. Expected DPR submission within 6-8 weeks after the commencement of the services.

SHILPP Phase II: For remaining 112 villages (i.e., 79 villages from BWCP Phase II, 20 Villages from BWCP Phase I and 13 Villages from BWCP Phase III area). Expected DPR submission within 16-20 weeks after the commencement of the services.

We are inviting Separate EoI’s for Phase I and Phase II. Interested agencies can send EOI, for Soil Health Improvement component and livelihood generation component separately or for both.

Scope of services, tasks, and expected deliverables.

The technical assistance to prepare DPR will (i) conduct current soil health status analysis; (ii)help prioritize and identify project components for enrichment of soil organic carbon content, improvement of soil physical, chemical, and micro-biological properties; (iii) determine the feasibility of the proposed investments for priority intervention areas and improvements in on-farm, off-farm livelihood opportunities; and (iv) prepare plan for capacity strengthening and mass awareness programs

Special attention needs to be paid to the following aspects:

  • The project needs to be developed to have a simple logical framework design, and clear project implementation and funds flow arrangements.
  • The consultant will review the detailed scope and implementation progress of SHILPP to ensure that SHILPP will complement the achievements made under Bajaj Water Conservation Project (BWCP) and that implementation of SHILPP and BWCP will be effectively synchronized.
  • Due diligence requirements in (a) economic viability, social acceptance, replicability, and long-term sustainability; (b) assessment of major risks for failure; (d) safeguard on environment especially soil and water pollution etc.

Reporting Requirements/Time Schedule for Deliverables

The consultant will submit the following reports/deliverables:

  1. An inception report summarizing detailed work program, personnel schedule, methodology, preliminary MELD framework, preliminary project components, and a draft table of content for the subsequent reports within 2 weeks after the commencement of the services.
  2. A strategic planning report summarizing the sector and subsector analysis and proposed criteria to identify priority components within 4 weeks after the commencement of the services.
  3. An interim report summarizing the refined project rationale, priority components, and need assessment within 6 weeks after the commencement of the services.
  4. A draft final report including draft project implementation plan, MELD framework, Impact assessment framework, key indicators & methodologies, cost break-up for proposed interventions, budget-plan, gantt charts, standard operating procedures etc. within 8 weeks after the commencement of the services. 
  5. Bajaj CSR team will provide their comments on the draft final report within 15 days from the date of receipt of the draft final report.
  6. A final report within 2 weeks after the receipt of the comments from Bajaj CSR team on the draft final report. The final report shall take into consideration the comments of Bajaj CSR team. A 500-word (maximum) knowledge summary will be included in the front section of the final report.

Reports need to address all aspects of this TOR to the level of detail appropriate for the given stage of the TA. Three virtual workshops will be organized to discuss the key TA findings participated by Bajaj CSR and JBGVS team following the submission of the inception, interim, and draft final reports.

In addition to these reports, the consultant will submit all relevant data and information obtained during the TA implementation; and supporting documents, and calculations, produced by the consultant including the Excel spreadsheet cost estimates and financial analysis models. The consultant will also submit a monthly progress summary (soft copy) to keep Bajaj CSR team updated. 

List of Required Documents

For Organisation Profile

  1. Copy of Registration. 
  2. PAN details
  3. 80G certificate
  4. GST certificate

For Experience Details

  1. Copies of letter of Award- From previous clients
  2. Work completion certificate- From previous clients
  3. Turnover statement with balance sheet for last 3 years
  4. CV of professionals, including proposed team leader.
  5. A detailed write-up on the methodology to be adopted by the agency.

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