Mall Marketing Manager

Organization: AiR

Apply By: No Deadline

Location: Bengaluru(Karnataka)

Position: Mall Marketing Manager.
Reports : Chief Mall Operations or Chief of Marketing.

This position has the overall responsibility  for carrying out all brand building and marketing initiatives.

Planning and executing various events and promotional activities, resulting into increased footfalls and customer conversions for the retailers.

Responsible for Corporate tie-ups and strategic alliances and co-branding activities.

Analysis of the efficacy of the  marketing programme.

Retailer driven marketing initiative.

Managing in Mall Communication.

Interface with the Mall retailers to jointly develop and execute mall marketing initiatives to boost their sales and also provide support to retailers for the smooth functioning of the Mall.

Exploit the mall branding and promotions space jointly with the SOH agency and earn revenue.

Planning and executing various activities related to space selling by coordinating with the various agencies , retailers and concerned partners associated resulting into maximum revenue generation.

Ensure optimal and complete occupancy of all sites to increase profitability around the clock.

Educational Qualification: Graduate/Post Graduation 

Experience:  2-3 years’ experience in Marketing /Retail Solution /Client Servicing/Event Management . prior experience in  Mall  as a Marketing Manager or in retail is an added advantage.

Salary Payable: 30k-45k(Negotiable).

How to apply

Please email us to schedule your interview and drop your resume at orghr@air.ind.in with the following details duly filled. OR call and whatsapp us in 8257869399 (9am-5pm).

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