Project Head – Government Engagement and Assessment

Organization: Magic Bus India Foundation

Apply By: 31 Jan 2021

Location: Aizawl(Mizoram)

Purpose of the position

This position, along with the Project team, Operations, Programme Development and Impact  Department, will play a key role to inform and guide Government Engagements and Assessment studies undertaken under the Life skills Collaborative. The Project Head will be overall responsible for liaising, networking and collaborating as well as developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders including relevant state government, institutions and bodies connected to education and life skill in the state.

Life Skill Collaborative


Magic Bus is participating in a life skills collaborative anchored by Sattva and supported by Echidna Giving, MSDF, Porticus, Omidyar Network in India, and CIFF. The purpose of the collaborative is to identify a common glossary of life skills, building assessment frameworks and tools meant for Indian school context, and working with state governments to test and implement assessments at scale. As part of the initiative, Magic Bus has been chosen for working in the state of Mizoram for collecting voices from ground and conducting large scale life skills assessments in partnership with the state government from 2020 to 2023. Life skills education is at the core of MB and this initiative through the collaborative enables standardization of tools and life skills assessment frameworks. 


Project Overview


Building an effective assessment will be a critical area of focus for the Life Skills Collaborative. The assessments will be built on the foundation of the glossary and at the level of the child, teacher and system.


Assessment implementation partner Magic Bus will enable engagement with the state government to provide access to districts. Work with district level stakeholders towards implementation of assessments. Support potential scale up across the state. Participate in design of Assessment tools & methodology. Support in testing tools on the ground. Validate contextualization of tools to specific locations.



Assessment Implementation approach

  1. Define focus area and consolidate existing assessments
    1. Agree on the principles and boundary conditions for the Assessments
    2. Agree on the key impact outcomes (for the child/teacher/systems) that Assessments will focus on
    3. Identify and finalize the target number of districts/Schools/Teachers/Adolescents etc. within the state
    4. Consolidate existing assessments from India and Globally
    5. Conduct a literature review on the existing assessment tools


  1. Adapt and pilot assessments in select districts
    1. Align on the key impact outcomes (for the child/teacher/systems) with the district and state officials
    2. Build assessments for select outcomes by leveraging existing tools and measures
    3. Contextualize and pilot the assessments on the ground to test for validity and reliability
    4. Synthesize results and engage practitioners and state governments
    5. Monitor the standards of all external assurers, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout.
    6. Work with Program Manger to assure the quality of assessment test design including continuous improvement of test instruments to meet the standards
    7. Ensure that accurate data is maintained in the to inform management reports.
    8. Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of all learners with whom you come into contact with and adhere to Magic Bus policy.


  1. Engage government to scale assessments across the state
    1. Present district level assessment results
    2. Align with the state government officials and Principal Secretary to run assessments across the state 
    3. If required, align on the select skills and priorities of the state government 
    4. Agree on the operational plan for data collection with the Government
    5. Maintain strong and effective relationships with state government and other stakeholders. 


  1. Implement state-wide assessments at scale in collaboration with the government
    1. Implement the assessments in state
    2. Work with the Data, Analytics and Reporting Team to ensure that systems and data processes remain in line with program
    3. Synthesize the results of the assessment
    4. Present the results to the government to enable decision making


  1.  Disseminate the assessments and the results
    1. Make the assessments and assessment methodologies public with permission from the state and practitioners
    2. Conduct workshops with the practitioners
    3. Share the results of the assessments and assessment approaches







  • Devise effective strategy to build strong network at various levels in relevant state ministries, education, sports department etc. along with regional teams and key internal stakeholders


  • Represent MB in technical and programme related meetings with ministries, government, Institutions and local civil society; respecting their mandates and program priorities and facilitate the active engagement on behalf of MB at School, Block, District and National level


  • Identify and map development organizations and stakeholders for possible collaborations and partnerships to address the projects key outcomes and goals


  • Develop strategies for implementing programme in collaboration with government along with Programme Development (PD), Operation and Impact Team


  • Support Impact and PD team to participate in the government meetings/workshops, assessments and response planning, using standardized tools and methods; and in coordination and/or collaboration with other stakeholders


  • Prepare briefs, reports and presentations summarizing LSC related activities and progress to update relevant government officials on stipulated frequency


  • Update senior management on overall progress on implementation of the project for the organization and participate in LSC meetings as and when required


  • Coordinate with Operations/PD/Impact team for preparing briefs and updates for government meetings


  • Review of existing assessments and tools used by the government coordinate with SCERT and other government MIS/Assessment focal point;


  • Coordinate and enable hiring of appropriate research agency; facilitate validation and pre testing of tools; coordinate with districts and to align with glossary building and voices from ground rollout plan


  • Coordinate with the assessment manager in preparing M&E Plans, capacity-building plans, MIS and monitoring of the programme.


  • Coordinate with the research team in completion of validation of tools and assessments in selected districts of the state


  • Participate in consultation meetings with government to present district level results and to own implementation of LSC tools across the state


  • Conduct and or facilitate in completion of execution of voices from the ground across different programme


  • Coordination in evaluation designing, providing of technical inputs for conducting assessments as well as for monitoring tools and strategies to ensure project implementation.


  • Conduct policy research related to government approach towards implementation of life skills and its assessment in the state.


  • To carry out other tasks as required by the immediate manager and Operation team


  • Remain competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues and attending training courses as required by the Magic Bus team


Qualification & Experience and Skill

  • Post Graduate in social science/social work/ degree in education etc.
  • Overall 12-15 years of work experience, primarily experience of working in life skills education space, education sector with government,
  • Past work and experience on facilitating research and assessment in education, youth affairs, skilling and other relevant sectors
  • Experience on project management, partnership building and government engagement
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience in education and life skill programme.
  • Ability to negotiate, facilitate and mobilise people with a result - oriented approach
  • Experience of working in rural/social development projects in the state of Mizoram is desirable.
  • Experience of working with state/ central government, school systems, etc. will be preferred, along with reasonable familiarity with life skills education
  • Basic Understanding of research methods & techniques (quantitative/qualitative) and protocols.
  • Strong organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent English communication skills both verbal and written and be able to articulate thoughts, observations and recommendations in clear manner, along with command over Mizo language
  • Self-motivated, disciplined individual who can perform at a high level in a fast - paced environment.


How to apply

Please send your updated CV with mention your current CTC and Expected CTC and also attach your cover letter.

Mention also the ref. of advertisement. 


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