Application Invited For the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program

Application Invited For the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program

Institute Name: Dasra

Apply By: 20 Jun 2019

Application Invited For the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program

The Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program (DSI LP) is Dasra's flagship program that has been crafted for the needs of Founders Executive Directors and Senior Management to help strengthen their leadership style, enable stronger decision making capabilities and help leaders become more inclusive This directly leads to stronger management teams that can effectively meet the demands of a growing organization and achieve greater impact at scale The Program focuses on building skills and knowledge using the Harvard Business School case study methodology, peer cases, expert led sessions and the Birkman™ methodology

Since 2013, Dasra has trained over 180 leaders through the DSI LP, influencing over 120 organizations. The program content revolves around the theme of ‘Manage Yourself’, which puts the spotlight on the leader and their leadership style. The program is conducted over 16 days and comprises four modules, spread over 7 months. This provides a continuous learning environment to leaders, and the time in between modules helps them reflect and implement the learning.

“What the program has done has been contagious for my organization”. Post the Program, I curated a two and a half weeks Leadership Retreat, on the lines of the program, and rendezvoused 26 members of my team in one location (Ajmer). At the end of the retreat, each person created an individual roadmap that was aligned with mission of Barefoot College. - MEAGAN FALLONE, CEO, Barefoot College

The four modules include:

Module 1 - Leadership & Strategy

Module 2 - Branding & Communications

Module 3 - Developing Your Employees

Module 4 - Legacy & Sustainability

What does the program offer?

1)Managing Yourself:

Explore leadership behaviors and practices through various self-reflection and assessment tools. Build awareness of yourown strengths and areas of development toemerge as more effective leaders

2)Organizational development:

With the guidance of expert facilitators divedeep into the building blocks of a sustainable organization. Brainstorm onstrategies and frameworks using case studiesto strengthen your organization's priorities.

3)Strong Peer Network:

Interact and collaborate with other sector leaders through energizing group discussions and activities. Build a community of peers and thought partners to share ideas, expertise and more.


  • Both nonprofits and social sector intermediaries are welcome to apply
  • Your organization must have at least 10 employees and a minimum annual budget of Rs. 2 crores
  • The program is open only to those at a senior leadership position (Founders, CXOs, and Senior Managers etc.)

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