Applications Invited for Certificate Program in Development Communication

Applications Invited for Certificate Program in Development Communication

Institute Name: Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Apply By: 26 Apr 2019

Course title: Applications Invited for Certificate Program in Development Communication

Deadline: 26th April 2019


Development Communication is distinct from communication used by corporates and for-profit organizations. Whether it is advocacy, research communication, or fund-raising, the underlying principle in development communication is social good and sustainability which needs to be factored into all communication. This creates a whole new language, syntax, style, and outputs that are used only by this sector. The program will unpack development communication, and in the process, provide participants with guidelines, frameworks, tips, and tools which could be put to use straightaway.


  • Participants learn the art of writing clearly, concisely and cohesively, including referencing.
  • Participants understand the principles and processes in campaign design, and how to develop a successful format.
  • Participants become familiar with globally accepted templates for development communication outputs: Reports, policy briefs, policy memos, concept notes, and proposal writing.
  • Participants learn how to turn case studies into human interest stories for the print, broadcast, and social media to increase their reach and impact on civil society.
  • Participants discover what is business storytelling, when to use stories, the six types of stories, and how to tell a persuasive story—the script.
  • Participants gain an understanding of how to become a better public speaker, what goes into the presentation checklist, and how to use visuals and presentation structures in presentations.


4 Day Writing Workshop

  • Writing Skills—Conciseness, Cohesiveness and Consistency Paragraphing, introductions, conclusions, essential style guide, referencing
  • Cialdini’s Theory of Influence, the Adoption Curve, and Campaign Design Campaign objectives, strategy, key messages, stakeholders, tactics, budgets, M&E
  • Writing Outputs—Policy-influencing and Fund-raising Outputs Reports, policy briefs, policy memos, proposals, concept notes: Templates and drafting
  • Writing Outputs—Civil Society Advocacy Outputs Media stories and social media in campaigns, case studies as human interest stories

Target Audience

  • Development sector professionals whose jobs demand effective writing skills and production of writing outputs to communicate with stakeholder groups.
  • Journalists and content writers writing on the social sector who would like to refine their writing skills.
  • TISS Ph.D. students in preparation for their careers.

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