Applications Invited for One year programme in Policy, Design and Management (equivalent to Masters)

Applications Invited for One year programme in Policy, Design and Management (equivalent to Masters)

Institute Name: The Indian School of Public Policy

Apply By: 20 Jun 2019

One year programme in Policy, Design and Management (equivalent to Masters)

The Indian School of Public Policy is founded with a belief and ambition stemming from the experience of engaging with policy questions and policy training for over two decades in various forms. Our founders seek to institutionalize these initiatives in a cutting-edge school that can serve a broader community in the country.

The School,jointly conceptualized by leadership including NandanNilekani, Jerry Rao, VallabhBhansali and Vijay Kelkar, has been co-founded by Dr.Parth J Shah, founder president of Centre for Civil Society; and Luis Miranda, Chairman of CORO, Centre for Civil Society and Managing Trustee for Collective Good Foundation.

The ISPP was launched formally on October 23rd, 2018 at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi by dignitaries including Shri N.K. Singh, Chairperson XV Finance Commission of India; Shri Rajiv Mehrishi – CAG, India and Shri Gurcharan Das, Author and Public Intellectual, and isconceivedasthefirst Indianschoolofpublicpolicyfocusedonthe design and managementof institutions and rules that govern society. It has beenset-up by an eminent council of senior academicians, policy experts, administrators and philanthropists with a vision to develop a new class of policy leaders forIndia and the region. The foundation batch will commence in August, 2019 with a year-long,Master’s equivalent certificate programmein Policy,Design & Management.

Course Name:

Programme in Policy, Design and Management (equivalent to Masters)

Language: English | Duration: 1 year | Fees: INR 7,00,000 (plus INR 1,50,000 for boarding and lodging on the campus)

Details: https://ispp.org.in/apply/


“All the graduates taking up this course at the ISPP would be required by various organizations, think tanks, political parties and, of course, the government.” – Mr. Rajiv Mehrishi, CAG, India

“I am really delighted that this wonderful institution has been associated with great names like Vijay Kelkar, NandanNilekani, Shamika Ravi, Shekhar Shah and many others.’ – Mr. Gurcharan Das,

Author and Public Intellectual

“The ISPP can add more than just incremental value to learning processes in this country. I am privileged to be associated with such an illustrious set of names.” – Mr. N.K. Singh, Chairperson, XV

Finance Commission of India

About the course:

As the vision of the ISPP is to cultivate policy professionals and leaders of tomorrow by building a world-class public policy school, theory and practice of public policy, design and management will be blended, while inculcating a strong sense of ethics and leadership elements. Highly accomplished faculty members will deliver the principles of sound public policy, the tools of effective policy design and analysis, and experiential learning to resonate with, and manage the distinctly Indian socio-political and economic landscape.

The structure of the programme, spread across a period of one year, includes not only regular classes and coursework specific to the nuances of the public policy domain, but also policy lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the programme that ensure the applicability of the learnt matter in actual or live scenarios. Eight academic terms, of six weeks each, entail three lecture courses and one policy exercise per academic term, with the objective of a keener and sharper application of theory to practice. 

Since the School is committed to ensuring that every student, who is admitted to the programme, is able to complete it irrespective of the financial background.  With generous support from donors, the ISPP has, for the class of 2019, provisioned varying levels of aid, ranging from 25% to 100% waiver on fees.  The decision and size of scholarship is decided on a merit-cum-means criteria. Those interested in applying for scholarship will be required to submit relevant documents to build their case.


The School will follow a comprehensive training philosophy and the curriculum will be a blended design of the theory, perspectives and best-practices of public policy from around the world, augmented with technical, managerial and leadership skills:

One year full-time programme with regular classes and coursework

8 academic terms of 6 weeks each

3 lecture courses + 1 policy exercise per academic term

Policy Lectures, Seminars and Workshops throughout the programme

The Foundation segment of the programme helps lay the basis of the future course of study. It comprises of:

  • Tools for a Manager: Mathematics and Statistics
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  • The Nature of Markets
  • Analytical Politics: Games and Strategy

The Foundation segment is succeeded by the Core that builds on the former, and delves into the details of some of the most important aspects of public domain policy making; enlisted below are the key subjects:

  • Economics of Public Policy Analysis
  • Ideology for Practitioners : Political Theory & Public Policy
  • How to Make a Law: India’s Legislative Setup
  • Builders of a Nation: Laws & Policies of Modern India
  • The Art of the Possible: Politics, Lobbying & Civil-Society
  • A Spanner in the Works: Regulation & Private Enterprise
  • Where the rubber hits the road: Public Administration in Practice
  • The Bankrolling of Policy: Public Finance in India
  • Guiding Principles: Ethics of Public Action

Supporting themes include a study and analysis of public policy in the domains of Education, health, Environment, Urbanization and Technology.

As the programme thrives on combining theoretical rigor with experiential learning, workshop courses form an integral part of the training process; these include the following:

  • Does it Work? Impact Evaluation & Programme Management
  • Art of the Deal: Negotiations: Fundamentals & Practice
  • Occam’s for the Commons: Complex Systems & Design Thinking
  • Leadership: In Public Policy &Beyon

Policy Exercises are concurrent to each term. During terms 1-4, students will work on a practical policy formulation using basics learnt in the course material; focus will be on comprehension, integration of elements and communication. Topics will be based on a student’s choice of specialization. During terms 5 and 6, students focus on policy formulation using advanced analytical skills & tools, with focus being on serious research, quantitative modelling, integrative of the various elements learnt in the course material; topics will be based on the student’s choice of specialization.

Skill workshops that aim to ensure the holistic development of the individual include a gamut of important subjects such as: Writing and Communication, Leadership, Delegation, Data Modelling, Problems and Needs Assessment, Budgeting, Grant Writing, IT Systems, and more.

Partnerships with academia and industry:

Keeping in mind the importance of striking partnerships, sustaining and enhancing them for valuable inputs partners contribute to the pedagogy and career advancement goals, the Indian School of Public Policy holds meaningful support from leading corporate organizations, government wings and non-profit groups, including Skill India, GAAR, PWC, Deloitte, and others (https://www.ispp.org.in/industry-partners/). With an uncompromised commitment to deliver an exceptional programme rooted in ethics, practice and design of public policy, the ISPP will be supported by its industry partners in designing the curriculum, conducting policy action exercises, facilitating live projects on policy practice, internships and placements.

Admission process:

Our admissions process sports unique elements, reflecting tour role in changing the paradigm of policy education in the country. The selection takes place through a screening process that includes assessing your application form extensively, interviews which are conducted personally and a group discussion.

We follow a rolling selection process in three rounds. This means, the earlier you apply, the faster your application is processed for shortlisting, immersion and decision. And higher the likelihood of securing a spot in the admissions. Early applicants have the benefit of having more time to take their decisions for acceptance.

For the founding batch commencing in August 2019, the application forms for admissions are now open and available at our website.

Important timelines:





Round 1

1 – October, 2018

15-January, 2019

15-February,  2019

Round 2

16 – January, 2019

31 – March, 2019

15-April, 2019

Round 3

1 – April, 2019

20 – June, 2019

15-July, 2019

Note: Applications for Round 1 and Round 2 are now closed

For further details:

Address: B-40, Ground floor, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi- 110016 (India)

Email: contact@ispp.org.in

Web: www.ispp.org.in

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