Applications invited to Course "Participatory Training Methodology"

Applications invited to Course

Institute Name: TISS

Apply By: 27 Apr 2019

Course title: Applications invited to Course "Participatory Training Methodology"

Deadline: 27th April 2019

Participatory training Methodology is an educational strategy in which learners are active participants in the training or educational process, and their needs and questions, their reflection and analysis, and their strategies for change carry the process forward. Its methodology is learner-centred,experience-based and open-ended. Participatory training Methodology when practiced, helps in confidence-building among learners; it recognizes and builds upon their experience, knowledge and skill; and brings them together. Thus, participatory training and learning encourages people to critically examine their own experiences, to derive insights through analysis.

The Participatory training Methodology course that is offered is aimed at developing an understanding of participatory learning and facilitation skills and practice of these skills.

Key areas/components that will be covered:

  • Theory of adult learning
  • Designing a training
  • Understanding and skill development on various training methods

Design of the course:

  • The training program will be conducted in a participatory manner, where participants utilize the concepts and principles of Participatory Learning.
  • Emphasis will be placed on skill building and using methods of adult learning such as small group discussion, case study, role-plays, simulations.
  • Participatory learning games and energizers will be used to create a conducive environment for learning.

Last date for receiving the Application: Saturday, April 27th, 2019.

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