Call for Papers - 27th Annual Conference on “Changing Landscape of Rural India”

Call for Papers - 27th Annual Conference on “Changing Landscape of Rural India”

Organization Name: Agricultural Economics Research Association

Apply By: 30 Jun 2019

Location: Srinagar

Presentation Date: 25 Sep. 2019 - 27 Sep. 2019

Title: Call for Papers - 27th Annual Conference on “Changing Landscape of Rural India”

Deadline: 30th June 2019

About the Conference

Agricultural Economics Research Association (India) is organizing its 27th Annual Conference on “Changing Landscape of Rural India” during 25-27th September 2019 at Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir (SKAUST (K)), Srinagar. The main emphasis of this Conference is to understand the changing landscape of rural India the trends, impact and factors contributing to the change

Conference Theme:

“Changing Landscape of Rural India”

Indian economy is poised to leapfrog to higher level of development phase. It is exhibiting some interesting socio-economic outcomes. For instance, as expected the share of agriculture and allied activities in the Gross Value Added (GVA) is declining and witnessing a growing service sector. Unfortunately, the manufacturing sector remains almost stable, which needs to be revitalized for more jobs. Unemployment has become a major political, social and economic issue, especially in rural areas where majority of youth is living. Therefore, development of rural areas will play an important role in reducing poverty and unemployment at national level. Government of India has put greater efforts and energy in this direction as is witnessed by its flagship program, such as MGNREGS, that has not only created rural infrastructure but also has increased wage earnings. That in turn has empowered poor rural households by enhancing their purchasing power and pulling them out from the clutches of poverty

Thus, considering the above, the paper writers may focus on the following with objective evidences.

  • Evidence revealed that rural economy is heading towards transformation, albeit at slower pace. The studies may focus on the key structural changes taking place in the rural and Indian economy with respect to the contribution in output, employment, poverty etc. Role of improved agricultural technologies along with agricultural extension also need to be highlighted in bringing the structural changes. The role of rural non-farm sector needs to be highlighted in terms of integrated impacts in generating income and employment to the rural households.
  • Rural areas are witnessing varied experiences in terms of the feminization of agriculture. Micro-level studies are required to analyze the dynamics of woman employment in agriculture and its implications.
  • Education and skill development play an important role in the absorption capacity of the non-farm sector.

Last Date and Mode of Submission of Papers

The papers should be submitted by 30th June 2019 to the Chief Editor, Agricultural Economics Research Review online at: ceditoraerr@gmail.com, and a copy at: aeraindia@gmail.com .

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