Applications Invited for Adolescent Nutrition and Anaemia Course

Applications Invited for Adolescent Nutrition and Anaemia Course

Organization: Nutrition International

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About the Organization:

Nutrition International is passionate about tackling one of the world’s greatest health issues: malnutrition. Recognized as global experts, they work around the world to create effective and sustainable solutions for hidden hunger.

Adolescent Nutrition and Anaemia Course

Module 1: Adolescent Growth Including Nutrition & Development

Adolescence offers a second window of opportunity for growth, so it is important that adolescents have adequate nutrients to fuel development. Discover how investing in adolescent health today leads to a stronger economy tomorrow.

Key learning points:

  • The demographics of adolescents in the world today and the importance and opportunities of investing in their health
  • The meaning of the “demographic dividend,” and why it is relevant for adolescent nutrition
  • The current situation of the adolescent diet and how good nutrition plays a key role in their future
  • How adolescent females grow and the changes that occur during puberty
  • The nutritional requirements of adolescents
  • Cognitive and behavioural changes during adolescence

Estimated completion time: 15 minutes


  • Module 1: Watch and Learn
  • Module 1: Learning Assessment
  • Module 1: References
  • Module 1: Video Transcript

Completion Rules: You must complete the units "Module 1: Watch and Learn, Module 1: Learning Assessment"

Module 2: Global Adolescent Nutrition Situation & Impacts of Anaemia on Women & Adolescent Girls

Inadequate diet, and poor health can lead to micronutrient deficiencies like anaemia and can also compromise the optimal growth of girls around the world. Learn about anaemia and the impact it has at the individual and population levels.

Key learning points:

  • Different anthropometric indicators and how nutritional status can be assessed in adolescents
  • The nutrition situation of adolescents worldwide
  • The basic biology of anaemia and how it manifests in adolescents
  • The impact of anaemia on adolescent girls
  • Statistical data regarding the prevalence of anaemia of adolescents around the world
  • Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) and Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs)
  • Anaemia and the World Health Assembly (WHA) nutrition targets

Estimated completion time: 15 minutes


  • Module 2: Watch and Learn
  • Module 2: Learning Assessment
  • Module 2: References
  • Module 2: Video Transcript

Completion Rules: You must complete the units "Module 2: Watch and Learn, Module 2: Learning Assessment"


  • Three Sections of the Course: The course is made up of 15 modules, which will be released in sections of five, beginning with section one on September 12, 2019.
  • Section one: The first five modules of the course will cover adolescent nutrition, the global situation and the impacts of anaemia on women and adolescent girls, anaemia causes and consequences, the role of iron in the body and interventions to improve adolescent nutrition
  • Section two: Modules six through ten will cover global guidelines and guidance, adolescent pregnancy, partnerships and programs, as well as an overview of Nutrition International's own adolescent nutrition programs and lessons in working with adolescents.
  • Section three: Modules 11 through 15 will cover the link between nutrition and education, adolescent health systems, monitoring and assessing adolescent nutrition programs, data gaps and research needs as well as how to engage adolescents.

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