Ingersoll Rand thriving to build healthy, sustainable and educated community through its CSR initiatives


March 11, 2019

Ingersroll Rand’s vision for Corporate Social Responsibility is to advance the quality of life through their committement to build healthy, sustainable and educated community.

By supporting Akshay Patra’s Midday Meal Programme, the company aims to make wholesome and nutritious meals accessible to underprivileged children thereby bringing more children to school and helping them to perform better.

Sanjeev Seth, Country Director, HVAC says that at Ingersroll Rand they are truly making a difference. They are proud and humbled to have positively impacted over a hundred thousand lives through their CSR initiatives.

As per the industry statistics 53 per cent of the school children in India are atleast 3 year behind the expected learning level in India.The company is addressing this gap by partnering with Agastya International Foundation to further Science education in Government Schools. By making hands on science education available to economically disadvantaged children, it aims to spark curiosity, critical thinking abilities and build analytical skills among them.

Industry reports indicate a large number unemployed youth in India. Through its partnership with NSDC, the company is helping the educated youth to acquires skills for gainful employment opportunities to earn a livelihood.

Geetanjali Bhatia, India Head, Corporate Communication,CSR says “ Long Before the companies act came into effect, our team was leading initiatives to drive a positive social and environmental impact.Continuing its focus on community development through environmental sustainability, the company has adopted areas of land in Gurgaon for supporting green plantations and maintenance. This project is run in association with Utthan NGO. By funding community toilets initiatives at select locations in Delhi, the company aims to make hygienic sanitation facilities accessible to communities and contribute to the vision of cleaner India.

The company also has a unique employee engagement programme that sets to engage the employees right from the beginning and then through combined decision making they decide what cause to support and which NGO.



Ingersoll-Rand plc is an Irish–American global diversified industrial manufacturing company formed in 1905 by the merger of Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company and Rand Drill Company, rival companies that had each been founded in 1871.






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