Application invited for SAGE Fellowship by Leo&Mike

Application invited for SAGE Fellowship by Leo&Mike

Organization: Leo & Mike

Apply By: 15 Mar 2019

Fellowship title: Application invited for SAGE Fellowship by Leo&Mike

Deadline: 15th March 2019

The SAGE fellowship is a learning and teaching fellowship that puts you on the path of becoming a world class educator. SAGE encapsulates the the essence of all Leo&Mike Programs, which have been designed to make children future ready:

  • Skill Building - Along with concepts, children are equipped with skills that help them become future ready
  • Attitude Sculpting - Children engage with learning experiences that help them develop the ideal attitude and behavior for dealing with the uncertain, ever-evolving future
  • Gamification - All aspects of the program are gamified in order to enable students take ownership of their learning and behavior
  • Experiential Learning - All programs consist of concrete, hands-on experiences, followed by reflection, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation

The Fellowship at a Glance

The journey begins with teaching. Leo&Mike will hold a large scale Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts Summer Camp at multiple locations in Hyderabad starting April 2019, and your role will be to deliver these camps.

Our summer camps are poised to offer an experience that has never been seen before in India – be it for student learning, student engagement, student development and student enjoyment.

We are on a lookout for folk who are passionate about education, teaching, mentoring children. If you’re interested in learning awesome new ways of teaching, we want you.

Who can apply?

Anyone interested in opening their minds to a world class learning & teaching experience can apply! You could be:

  • A freshly minted graduate/final year student looking to explore and develop their skills
  • A home-maker passionate about education and looking to re-start their career
  • Interested exploring a career in teaching and education
  • Interested in honing your communication, time and task management, leadership and critical thinking skills
  • Interested in teaching technology, film, arts, emotions & behavior management to children
  • Interested in teaching arts,
  • Interested in using your summer to learn new things and add value to children

What are the benefits of this fellowship?

  • You will be compensated for your work: Rs. 60,000 for 10 weeks
  • Teaching is the best way to develop public speaking, leadership and public presence skills – you will have an opportunity to get trained in all these and hone them repeatedly
  • Develop employable skills: Critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication, leadership, time management, task prioritisation & planning
  • Get an in-depth idea of how start-up businesses, event management and operations and customer relationship management work
  • You will be awarded a fellowship certificate that will list all the training you have undergone and all the teaching that you have done.

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