Applications Invited for Climate and Environmental Justice Media Fellowship

Applications Invited for Climate and Environmental Justice Media Fellowship

Organization: FRIDA

Apply By: 15 Jul 2019


Founded in 2010, FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas across the globe. We believe in the collective power, expertise, and innovation of young feminist organizers to address root causes and structures of inequality in order to create lasting change in their communities. One of FRIDA’s chief goals is to amplify and strengthen young feminist organizing, especially in this case, organizing towards climate and environmental justice.

Why this Fellowship

At FRIDA and Open Global Rights, they believe that young feminist activism and impact in the climate and environmental justice movement are often invisible and underrecognized. They support young feminists occupying the media to tell their movements’ stories – directly contesting mainstream climate denial or narratives of climate apocalypse, victimhood and/or individual saviorship. They recognize them as leaders, particularly within and deeply rooted to their communities, as well as powerful media activists. Through this collaborative media fellowship, they hope to visibilize and strengthen journalistic narratives about feminist organizing in climate and environmental justice and equity, as well as the relationship between feminists, climate and environmentalist activists, and the media.

About the Fellowship

In partnership with OpenGlobalRights , FRIDA is thrilled to announce Climate and Environmental Justice Media Fellowship , a five-month program designed to provide mentorship and training to Global South young feminists on climate and environmental justice activism and digital journalism. This Fellowship is for young feminists interested in amplifying the issues at the intersection of climate and environmental justice and gender rights and strengthening their critical, sharp, and influential writing.

FRIDA is looking for four (4) passionate, creative and fierce young fellows who are already working on, writing about, or are interested in reporting and analyzing the following topics and more:

  • Communities and/or feminist resistance, resilience and organising in the face of fundamentalist governments extractivist industries (like coal and fracking exploitation, and mining, hydro dams and monocultures projects)
  • Differentiated impacts of climate change on global south communities, women, young feminists, young trans* people
  • Community-led solutions and initiatives to address the impacts of climate change, such as decentralized renewable energy systems, food sovereignty programs, land justice policies, with a perspective of systemic change and a just transition
  • Decolonial practices, theories, actions and demands of young feminists
  • Both physical and digital protection to social and environmental land defenders, including women, young feminists, young trans* people.


You are eligible to apply for this fellowship if you meet the following criteria:

  •  You are a young feminist (between ages of 18 and 30) based anywhere in Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast and East Asia, the Pacific, The Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Central, Southern, Eastern Europe and Central and North Asia and willing to travel in the pursuit of the story.
  •  You are passionate about climate and environmental justice and young feminist organizing, and want to communicate this specifically through writing to your community and the world. You are someone who is locally, regionally or internationally connected to networks, groups, and communities in the climate and environmental movements and/or gender justice movements, and who wants to share with a wider audience the context of your local and regional struggles, and the alternatives, solutions, and projects that your communities are working on.
  •  You are particularly dedicated to an intersectional lens and bridging the communication between climate and environmental justice movements and gender justice movements. You are a natural communicator, skilled narrator, social leader or community organiser who know that this work of communicating in of itself is important movement-building work.
  • You have a background in activism and writing, especially organising with or in collaboration with rural, indigenous, and black youth and grassroots communities, LBTQIA groups, feminist collectives, or workers’ unions, and are keen in gaining more experience as a journalist, writer, and advocate by working with fellow organisers, established editors and publishing on an international platform.
  • You can be dedicated to the fellowship, support your cohort fellows, and communicate reliably about your progress, obstacles and questions to the fellowship team. Ideally you are ready to challenge yourself, your politics and writing through this fellowship and create brave, original, sharp analysis, reporting and content.
  • You can communicate and write proficiently in English, as this will be the main language used during the fellowship program.

What is expected from Fellows?

  • Fellows will produce two media pieces of young feminist organizing for climate and environmental justice in their local or regional context, based upon the project’s thematic guidlines. The format for the media pieces will be digital journalism (articles, investigative pieces, op-eds, narratives, essays). Specific topics will be decided in a collaborative way between fellows, content advisors and editors.
  • Fellows commit to have one check-in call with their main editors per media piece; they are required to participate in at least three webinars / training sessions; they are required to be in general and regular group online communication for check-in and sharing through Slack and emails.
  • Fellows will work in English throughout the program (this includes training sessions, emails, and general communication, and editorial feedback). Their media pieces will be translated into Spanish and another third relevant language.
  • One sample of unpublished or published* writing
  • By published, they mean a writing sample that is a blog post, an article on a website, magazine, newspaper, fanzine, or a storytelling platform.

Fellows will dedicate 4-5 hours per week (total of 15-20 hours per month) from August 1 – December 13, 2019.

All applications are due on or before July 15, 2019. For any application related queries, please email climatejustice[at]youngfeministfund[dot]org

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