Applications invited for Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) Scholarship 2019-2020

Applications invited for Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) Scholarship 2019-2020

Organization: Biotecnika

Apply By: 15 May 2019

Scholarship title: Applications invited for Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) Scholarship 2019-2020

Deadline: 15th May 2019

The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine offers accredited MSc Postgraduate Programs. The Programs are given in Full-Time (13 months and two years) and Part-Time (two and three years) modes of research.

MSc in Molecular Medicine | MSc in Medical Genetics | MSc in Neuroscience

(13 months Full-Time/ two years Part-Time)

A minimum number of 50 ECTS from the taught classes (such as tutorial sessions) of this program along with also a minimal number of 40 ECTS from the research or library project has to be completed while enrolled in the MSc program.

MSc Postgraduate Programs

MSc in Medical Genetics (accredited)

The Medical Genetics MSc programme is targeted at clinicians and scientists who want to gain an in-depth understanding of Medical Genetics as well as the many applications within the broader field of Biomedical Sciences.

The course MG101 is designed to help comprehend the gene and its function, DNA structure, mechanisms of translation and transcription, gene expression, cell division, patterns of inheritance, pedigree analysis and genetic counselling. MG102 covers all the issues of human cytogenetics and genomics and targets that the behaviour of both small and large size genetic changes as well as their pathology aiming at the comprehension of medical genomics with a special emphasis on the investigation of the human genome in medical research and practice.

Entry Requirements:

To be admitted to the MSc Programs, a student should fulfil at least the minimal requirements listed below:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized accredited institution, at a related discipline
  • English Language Certificate or other approved International Standard if graduated from a school where English isn’t the language of instruction.

Application Procedure:

The available positions for new students are announced on the CSMM website and in the press during the last week of January, before the start of the academic year.

Required Documents:

  • A Completed Online Application Form
  • 2 Academic References
  • Academic Transcripts
  • English Language Certification (if not graduated from an English speaking University)
  • High School Certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae

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