Applications invited for Mozilla Fellowship

Applications invited for Mozilla Fellowship

Organization: Mozilla

Apply By: 08 Apr 2019

Fellowship title: Applications invited for Mozilla Fellowship

Deadline: 8th April 2019

About Fellowship:

Mozilla Fellows work on the front lines of internet health, at a time when the internet is entwined with everything from elections and free expression to justice and personal safety. Fellows ensure the internet remains a force for good — empowerment, equality, access — and also combat online ills, like abuse, exclusion, and closed systems.

Mozilla is particularly interested in individuals whose expertise aligns with our 2019 impact goal: “better machine decision making or ensuring the artificial intelligence in our lives is designed with responsibility and ethics top of mind. For example: Fellows might research how disinformation spreads on Facebook. Or, build a tool that identifies the blind spots in algorithms that detect cancer. Or, advocate for a “digital bill of rights” that protects individuals from invasive facial recognition technology.

Specifically, we’re seeking Fellows who identify with one of three profiles:

Open web activists: Individuals addressing issues like privacy, security, and inclusion online. These Fellows will embed at leading human rights and civil society organizations from around the world, working alongside the organizations and also exchanging advocacy and technical insights among each other.

Tech policy professionals: Individuals who examine the interplay of technology and public policy — and craft legal, academic, and governmental solutions.

Scientists and researchers: Individuals who infuse open-source practices and principles into scientific research. These Fellows are based at the research institution with which they are currently affiliated.

Learn more about Mozilla Fellowships, and then apply. Part 1 of the applications close on Monday, April 8, 2019, at 5:00 pm ET

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