Applications Invited for the Second Round of the Academy of Change Programme

Applications Invited for the Second Round of the Academy of Change Programme

Organization: Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)

Apply By: 24 Jan 2020

About the Organization:

The Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) is an international nonprofit Think and Do tank that works with businesses, policy makers, partner organisations and civil society towards a good life

The Second Round of the Academy of Change:

This is your opportunity to learn more about sustainable behaviour change while working and exchanging with peers from all over the world. Building on, and motivated by, an inspiring first round of our capacity building programme on sustainable behaviour change, they are happy to announce that the call for applications for the second round of the Academy of Change is now open!

They know that humanity is facing unprecedented challenges due to the effects of climate change that are already being felt around the world. To meet emission targets set by governments, with the aim of restricting global warming to below 1.5oC degrees compared to pre-industrial levels, we will need the public to embrace a profound shift in ways of living, alongside systemic changes in other aspects of society.

Acknowledging the challenge and responding to this need is the Academy of Change, a unique capacity building programme on sustainable behaviour change. It is designed for leaders working on climate change and sustainability engagement within the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) sector. The programme enables participants to incorporate evidence-based expertise and insights about citizen behaviours into their strategies and projects, generating greater impact from their activities.

The programme is free of charge and will include strategic training, through both in-person workshops and online activities, networking opportunities and coaching sessions. The programme will consist of 7 stages, starting in May 2020 and will run for 4 months. Together they will learn about behavioural and decision-making insights, models and tools of understanding and changing behaviours, designing and implementing behaviour change interventions, as well as learn how to evaluate related impact. The content and facilitation of the programme will be delivered by the initiative partners, in combination with a line-up of high level keynote speakers, academics and experts who will deliver insight throughout the stages. You can find more details about the Academy programme here.

Due to the limited number of places in the Academy, the participants of the programme will be selected through an open application process to ensure a fair, transparent and high-quality selection procedure. A group of 40 professionals working for NGOs across the world will be carefully selected. Applications can be sent until 24 January 2020.

Academy of Change is a non-profit initiative of the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), Behaviour Change and the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC), funded by the KR Foundation.

Applications & Eligibility:

This programme is designed for practitioners involved in activities to enable more sustainable citizen behaviour, within NGOs active on sustainability, climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity.

They welcome applications from practitioners who:

  • Have 5+ years of work experience
  • Currently work in a NGO
  • Are in a position to implement behaviour change activities, now or in the future
  • Have the support of their organisation, with submission of a letter of endorsement encouraged
  • Can commit to the time required, including participation in the in-person kick-off workshop in Central Europe 14th – 15th May 2020 and the closing workshop in Central Europe in September 2020
  • Are proficient in English

Curriculum Overview:

The programme will consist of seven stages, with approximately three weeks allotted to each, between May and September 2020. After an introductory in-person workshop in Central Europe, the programme will use a range of formats to take participants on a journey from theoretical models of behavioural science to practical tools, implementation guidance, and evaluation thinking.

Every stage will incorporate expert views, case studies and alternative perspectives for consideration. Each stage will start with a material release in various formats and topics, followed by a live discussion happening on the Tuesday one week after the material drop.

Delivery will be supported by a range of media, from the initial in-person workshop to training videos, live discussions, podcasts, blog posts and more.

Introductory Workshop

  • 14-15th May 2020 | Workshops, seminars, and networking


  • Material release date: Monday 8th June
  • Live chat date: Tuesday 16th June


  • Material release date: Monday 29th June
  • Live chat date: Tuesday 7th July


  • Material release date: Monday 20th July
  • Live chat date: Tuesday 28th July


  • Material release date: Monday 10th August
  • Live chat date: Tuesday 18th August


  • Material release date: Monday 31st August
  • Live chat date: Tuesday 8th September

Bringing It All Together

  • Closing Workshop
  • 24th – 25th September 2020 | Workshops, seminars, and networking


  • When: May 2020- September 2020
  • Where: Online webinars and in-person workshops
  • Fee: Free
  • Places: 40
  • Time commitment: 4-6 hours per month for a total of 4 months
  • Application Deadline: 24 January 2020
  • Language: English

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