Applications invited for 2020 Grinnell Prize (Innovator for Social Justice Prize)

Applications invited for 2020 Grinnell Prize (Innovator for Social Justice Prize)

Organization: Grinnell College

Event Duration: 01 Aug. 2019 - 07 Oct. 2019

Apply By: 07 Oct 2019

About the organization

Grinnell College is a private liberal arts college in Grinnell, Iowa. It was founded in 1846 when a group of New England Congregationalists established the Trustees of Iowa College. Grinnell is known for its rigorous academics, innovative pedagogy, and commitment to social justice

About the Grant

This is a Social responsibility calls for innovators of every kind, creators of sustainable agricultural technology, champions for African children’s literature, human rights advocates and natural disaster responders. The Grinnell College Innovator for Social Justice Prize — known familiarly as the Grinnell Prize — celebrates and elevates change-makers like these and all the good they do -

  • Standing strong in the face of adversity.
  • Creatively approaching the biggest challenges that confront society today
  • Bettering the world in a way we recognize as Grinnellian.


The Grinnell College Innovator for Social Justice Prize (the Grinnell Prize) honors individuals who have demonstrated leadership in their fields and who show creativity, commitment, and extraordinary accomplishment in effecting positive social change.


Each prize carries an award of $100,000, half to the winning individual(s) and half to their related, nominated organization


Nominations for the 2020 Grinnell Prize will open July 1, 2019 and will be due by 11:59 p.m. on October 7, 2019.


  • A change-maker working on the cutting edge of social innovation?
  • A leader collaborating and co-creating solutions to pressing social justice issues?
  • A visionary tackling immediate challenges while also addressing related systemic issues?
  • A mentor inspiring the next generation of social innovators?

Criteria (Eligibility)

  • Nominees must be nominated by a third party.
  • Nominees may be a single individual or a team of two people who are working together and who are the primary project innovators.
  • Each nominee must have earned a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) between 2004 and 2020.
  • Nominees should have demonstrated the essence of Grinnell College's broad liberal arts education through serving the common good and demonstrating expertise in the areas of critical thinking, innovative problem solving, and measurable systemic change making.
  • Nominees must not be widely known outside their immediate community or field.
  • Nominees may be nationals of any country.
  • Nominees DO NOT need to be affiliated with Grinnell College.
  • Nominees must have sufficient English fluency to engage with the Grinnell College community.
  • Nominees must be able to provide in English any supplemental information required as part of the selection process. 
  • Nominees should be forces for social justice.  The nominator should be able to demonstrate that the nominees, through their education, hard work, and dedication, have:
    • Identified a concrete social or environmental justice need;
    • Designed and implemented an equitable and creative solution related to that need;
    • Begun to address the need’s systemic and root causes; and
    • Demonstrated a substantive and sustainable community or environmental impact.
  • Nominees must consent to their nomination. This consent will be given in the form of a letter that nominators upload in PDF format. 

Event Requirements

The nomination form includes three essay questions that will be used to evaluate the nominees’ ability to:

  • Identify pressing social justice needs and utilize critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to solve issues related to that need; 
  • Be innovative and socially just in the design and implementation of their solution; and
  • Demonstrate their solution’s current and potential social justice impact.

How to Apply

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