Famae Water Challenge

Famae Water Challenge

Organization: Famae Foundation

Event Duration: 18 May. 2019 - 18 May. 2019

Apply By: 15 Feb 2019

About the organisation:

FAMAE is an independent family foundation that supports innovation in the field of environnement. The foundation organizes every year an International Challenge to help inventors to create simple and innovative solutions that can substantially improve our daily lives, while significantly alleviating environmental footprints.

Famae Water Challenge


Design a simple and innovative product or service to preserve water, make it cleaner and accessible to everyone, all over the world.

Who can participate in the challenge?

It is open to everybody, especially to the Education community (students, professors, researchers ...), to the Business world (start-ups, Small & Medium size enterprises…) and to the philanthtropic organizations (social entrepreneurs, NGOs …).

What about this € 2M prize?

The € 2M prize is a seed funding provided by FAMAE that enables the candidate to either turn its original innovative idea into a prototype or a product, and publicize it. Practically speaking, this funding shall be used to pay for project related expenses (i.e product development costs, people wages, marketing expenses …). 

What is the famae help & support you mention?

The selected project(s) will receive a full support from the members of the Endownment Fund and from the Jury members. FAMAE will provide access to its extended business network of contacts and help you on all matters you may find necessary, be it legal / trade and financial aspects, or product development / suppliers’ sourcing / product manufacturing. The selected project(s) will benefit from several hundred years of accumulated experience!

What do you mean by « collaborative challenge?

Anyone can ask a given candidate to team up with him to improve the odds to get selected. You can join an existing team (provided this team lets you in !) or indicate in your project's profile that you would indeed welcome a helping hand!

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