10 Big education CSR projects in India in 2017-18-Building infrastructure for better learning


May 23, 2019

 10 Big education CSR projects in India in 2017-18-Building infrastructure for better learning

In order to provide a high quality of education to children and youth of the country, it is necessary to provide them right kind of infrastructure to create an environment of learning. Following is the list of 10 such projects of public companies that have contributed towards developing education infrastructure India in FY 2017-18.

1. Education Infrastructure Initiatives

Name of the Company: NMDC Limited

Location: Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana

Amount Spent on the Project:  INR 64.48 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 121.02 Cr.

Under the NMDC’s comprehensive education program, it has successfully established the operation of a residential school and Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Bastar District. It partnered with the state authorities to create ‘Education City – a Hub of Educational Institutions ranging from Primary School to Professional Institutions like Polytechnic College in a single campus with an objective to provide a conducive environment to the local children by providing them educational facilities.

Implementing Agency: Different agencies of the state government


The initiatives have impacted more than 18,000 students and 1800 youths in the operational areas of the company.

About the Company

NMDC Limited, previously known as National Mineral Development Corporation, is an Indian state-controlled mineral producer. It is 72.43% owned by the Government of India, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel. It is involved in the exploration of iron ore, copper, rock phosphate, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, bentonite, magnesite, diamond, tin, tungsten, graphite etc.

More about NMDC's CSR Portfolio.

2. Model School Initiative

Name of the Company: Tata Steel Limited

Location: Jharkhand, Orissa, Maharashtra

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 57.81 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 85.62 Cr.

To enable children from educationally backward blocks (EBBs) to avail quality government educational infrastructure, Tata Steel has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Odisha to construct 30 Model Schools in 30 different blocks in the state to provide quality secondary education in EBBs. A total of nine Model Schools have been constructed and handed over to the state government so far, of which six were handed over in FY 2017-18. Benchmark infrastructure has facilitated the proper environment for learning among over 5,000 rural children in the nine Model Schools.


Implementing Agency: TSRDS, TCS


The initiatives have impacted more than 5000 rural children.

About the Company

Tata Steel Limited, formerly Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO), is an Indian multinational steel-making company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and a subsidiary of the Tata Group.

More about Tata Steel Limited's CSR Portfolio.

3. Mahindra Educational Institutions

Name of the Company: Tech Mahindra Limited

Location: Telangana

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 21 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 71.55 Cr.

Mahindra Educational Institutions have established institutions of higher education, promoted research and development which works in collaboration with other renowned institutions to contribute towards the goal of high-quality technical education systems in India.

Implementing Agency: Directly Implemented

About the Company

Tech Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational provider of information technology, networking technology solutions, Integrated Engineering Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing to various industry verticals and horizontals.

More about Tech Mahindra Limited's CSR Portfolio.

4. School Infrastructure and Amenities (HPCL)

Name of the Company: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Location: Pan-India

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 19.02 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 126.38 Cr.

HPCL has contributed towards renovation and upgradation of 188 toilets in government schools and has undertaken special initiatives primarily focused on the provision of basic amenities and education infrastructure in schools of rural areas.

Implementing Agency: ADAPT, KC Mahindra Education Trust

About the Company

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is an Indian oil and natural gas company with its headquarters at Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has about 25% market-share in India among public-sector companies (PSUs) and strong marketing infrastructure.

More about Hindustan petroleum Corporation Limited's CSR Portfolio.

5. Promoting Social Development through Education

Name of the Company: JSW Steel Limited

Location: Maharashtra, Uttarakhand

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 17 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 35 Cr.

JSW Steel carried out many projects which were related to promoting social development. It has undertaken initiatives on school infrastructure development and enhancement of quality education, established Nehru Science Centre Lecture series and founded a school for the differently-abled.

Implementing Agency: Directly implemented

About the Company

JSW Steel Ltd. The flagship company of over $13 billion JSW Group, JSW Steel is one of India's leading integrated steel manufacturers with a capacity of 18 MTPA. It is one of the

More about JSW Steel's CSR Portfolio.

6. The Kalyani School Initiative

Name of the Company: Bharat Forge Limited

Location: Maharashtra

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 15 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 19.71 Cr.

Bharat Forge Limited has contributed towards Kalyani School Initiative to promote education through financial assistance, renovation & upgradation of facilities at schools, colleges etc. The Kalyani School at Manjari – The Kalyani School (TKS) promoted by Akutai Kalyani Charitable Trust has been established with the objective of providing quality education to every child.

Implementing Agency: Maharashtra


The project has impacted 1020 children.

About the Company

Bharat Forge Limited is a Pune-based Indian multinational company involved in automotive, power, oil and gas, construction & mining, locomotive, marine and aerospace industries. The company was founded by Nilkanthrao Kalyani in 1961.

More about Bharat Forge's CSR Portfolio.

7. All India Improvement in School Education (ARISE)

Name of the Company:  Tech Mahindra Limited

Location: Delhi NCR, Telangana,  Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Odisha, Maharashtra

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 13.34 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 71.55 Cr

All Round Improvement in School Education (ARISE), Tech Mahindra Foundation’s educational initiatives under ARISE are long-term school improvement programmes, in partnership with local governments and partner organisations. The Foundation has adopted 60+ schools across India and is working with 18 partners to turn them around completely into model schools of excellence. ARISE+ initiatives encompass educational empowerment programmes for children with disabilities.

Implementing Agency:  Tech Mahindra Foundation


The project has impacted students from more than 60 schools across the states.

About the Company

Tech Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational provider of information technology, networking technology solutions, Integrated Engineering Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing to various industry verticals and horizontals.

More about Tech Mahindra's CSR Portfolio.

8. Indian Oil-Odisha Campus

Name of the Company: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

Location:  Orissa

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 12.54 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 327.94 Cr.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has founded Indian Oil Odisha Campus in collaboration with Institute of Chemical Technology-Mumbai to offer first of a kind 5 year integrated M. Tech course to develop industry personnel. The institute, in the following years, will evolve into an R&D innovation hub to carry out high-end research in chemical engineering, petrochemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals & energy and become a world-class Centre of Excellence in Chemical Engineering & Technology.

About the Company

Oil Corporation Limited, commonly known as IndianOil is an Indian state-owned oil and gas company with registered office at Mumbai and primarily headquartered in New Delhi. It is the largest commercial oil company in the country.

More about IOCL's CSR Portfolio.

9. Developing Infrastructure in Government Aided Schools

Name of the Company: Divis Laboratories Limited

Location: Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 10.35 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 27.19 Cr.

Divi's Laboratories have always focused on providing a good quality education through initiatives that align the government schools with private schools. Their aim is to deliver education that evolves a responsible and self-reliant youth. To inspire young minds and to motivate them to work hard, the Company provided uniforms, books, school bags, teaching aids, scholarships to students, infrastructure facilities to schools and special aids for differently abled children.

Implementing Agency: Directly Implemented


The project has impacted 26796 children of 268 schools.

About the Company

Divi’s has been established for more than 28 years in Hyderabad, India with two manufacturing units and is among the top pharmaceuticals companies in India. It is recognized as a ‘Reliable Supplier of generic APIs(Active pharmaceuticals ingredients)’ and a trustworthy ‘Custom Manufacturer’ to Big Pharma and also is among the top API manufactures in the world.

More about DIvi’s Lab's CSR Portfolio.

10. Quality Education Projects

Name of the Company: Welspun India Limited

Location: Gujarat

Amount Spent on the Project: INR 6.98 Cr.

Prescribed CSR of the Company: INR 13.41 Cr.

Welspun Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Gujarat to digitise 500 primary schools of Gujarat by 2020, impacting 1 lakh students. At present Welspun India has installed digital software in 20 schools, impacting 4,600 students. The school teachers have been provided training on how to operate the software and regular monitoring of the classroom sessions is undertaken to ensure proper usage of the software. This initiative has significantly improved classroom  performance, with growing participation by students.

Implementing Agency: Directly Implemented


The project has impacted 4600 students from 20 schools.

About the Company

Welspun India is a textile company based in Mumbai. It is Asia's largest and the 2nd largest Terry Towel producer in the world It exports more than 94 per cent of its home textiles products to more than 50 countries.

More about Welspun India's CSR Portfolio.

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