Online Store for Assistive Technology Solution for persons with Visual Impairment- Launching Soon.

By Saksham

September 3, 2019

Online Store for Assistive Technology Solution for persons with Visual Impairment- Launching Soon.

Saktek online store is an Initiative of Saksham, an organization providing affordable assistive technology solutions compatible with Indian languages and suitable for conditions in India to persons with mild and severe sight loss since 2003.

The company is soon planning to launch an online platform for assistive technology solutions in India. The main objective of not for profit Saktek online store  is to make it easier for persons with sight loss and their  families and friends to acquire life changing solutions from anywhere in the country.

According to WHO, there are about 62 million persons with permanent sight loss living in India.

Availability of assistive technology tools can re-define what persons with sight loss can or cannot do. For example, a talking thermometer, talking blood pressure monitor and talking weighing scale and several other solutions can enable persons to check body temperature, weight, and blood pressure, identify colours, read labels of products, read books, write assignments and documents, etc.

These solutions are enabler for persons with sight loss and convenience for all. For example, it is easier to know the body temperature when the thermometer announces it in addition to just displaying the same on the screen.

Saksham is establishing experience zones of inclusive and assistive technology products and services all across India in partnership with like-minded not for profit organisations so that persons with any kind of sight loss could choose appropriate solutions for them. The Saktek online store would deliver the solutions to their door steps anywhere in the country.

This online store will be a process wherepersons with all type of visual impairment will directly buy the assistive technology products, services etc. from the Companyin a real-time without an intermediary service over the Internet. They can visit the Saktek web store from the comfort of their house and shop as by sitting in front of the computer or through a mobile phone, variety of productsavailable in online.




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