PuraniksSamarpan - A CSR initiative by Puranik Builders


June 6, 2019

PuraniksSamarpan - A CSR initiative by Puranik Builders

Puranik Builders have a success story spanning over three decades and are a leading real estate company providing comprehensive residential and commercial solutions across various categories. The company has been instrumental in helping people find their perfect dream house with the finest amenities and enhanced standards of living.Their commitment to integrity and trust has made them equivalent to quality construction and advance modernism.

As socially responsible developers, Puranik Builders through their self-sustainable CSR initiative ‘Samarpan’ will be focusing on social issues such as waste management and environmental sustainability. As the name suggests, the company intends to be productive in giving back to the society and protect the planet from the depletion of resources. They will be donating a ‘Poly-fuel’ machine to a Thane-based NGO called Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth. This contrivance will convert non-degradable plastic wrappers to oil and has an estimated output of around 40 liters of fuel from 100 kg of waste. This fuel will later be sold and utilized by factories and the revenue generated will be used as funds by the NGO. Moreover, this innovative initiative will also help increase employment opportunities for women.







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