Applications invited for Japan Water Forum Fund

Applications invited for  Japan Water Forum Fund

Organization: The Japan Water Forum

Apply By: 15 Jul 2019

Grant Amount: 1000 USD

About the organization

The Japan Water Forum is a contact point for exchange of water among domestic and foreign countries, as well as domestic as well as various organizations such as UN agencies / international organizations, development banks, foreign governments / local governments, private companies, researchers, NGOs Working with

Grant description

The JWF Fund was founded in 2005 and solely operated by Japan Water Forum (JWF), which aims to support selected grass-roots organizations in developing countries who have been addressing water-related issues in their own countries. Every year, JWF publicly seeks for projects and those adopted after due assessment will be eligible to get funding up to 1,000 USD per project.


  • A project which is planned and will faithfully be implemented along the following themes will be considered.
  • Construction/ repair of the water supply resource such as well and reservoir.
  • Installation of small scale type water supply system.
  • Construction/repair of sanitation facility.
  • Maintenance/improvement of water resource environment.
  • Installation/promotion of water efficiency irrigation system.
  • Implementation of water-related disaster risk reduction/mitigation program

How to Apply

JWF will open for calling the application on 3 June, 2019. Applications shall be submitted to Japan Water Forum no later than 6:00 p.m. in Japan time, 15 July 2019. All of the applications shall be filled out using the application format, and written in English. Please contact jwffund@waterforum.jp for inquiries about other languages.  Once you submitted the application, substitution of the application is not acceptable.

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