Applications invited for Takagi Fund for Citizen Science 2020

Applications invited for Takagi Fund for Citizen Science 2020

Organization: Takagi Fund

Apply By: 10 Sep 2019

Grant Amount: 5000 USD

About the Organization

The Takagi Fund was established in 2001 following the last will and testament of Takagi Jinzaburo (1938-2000), who devoted his life to realizing a nuclear-free society, democratic public decision-making, and advocacy of "Citizen Science." His wish was to foster and support the next generation of "Citizen Scientists" by establishing as a personal legacy a fund for such purposes. The posthumous establishment of the Takagi Fund as a non-profit body was complemented by massive donations from a number of concerned individuals, as well as organizations, all sharing Takagi's sense of urgency about assisting Citizen Science.

What is Citizen Science?

Takagi’s concept of “Citizen Science” came from his strong belief that present-day science and technology are leading to threats to life and the environment. It was also his concern that conventional scientists and researchers lack a sense of social responsibility, failing to take initiatives for constructing an alternative relation between science and people. The concept of “Citizen Scientists” presupposes that science should not be monopolized solely by specialists engaged in academic research. Citizens need to empower themselves by developing scientific knowledge, technical skills and critical abilities.

Objectives of the Grant

The purpose of Takagi Fund is to foster and support independent Citizen Scientists who propose well-founded criticism and scientific counterarguments about problems and threats caused by present-day science and technology. Such criticism and counterarguments can be based on independent research and analysis conducted by citizens themselves with appropriate support from committed experts.

Grant Categories

  • Research Grants: To support research projects by individuals or groups that befit Citizen Science as described Below The grant may cover research and travel expenses, printing and other outsourcing costs. It may also include funds to hold workshops or symposia to communicate research findings to the public.
  • Training Grants: To support an individual receiving training at educational institutions, NGOs, research institutes, etc. that will enhance his/her expertise as Citizen Scientists and help him/her gain hands-on experience. The grant can be used to cover travel, accommodation, tuition or related costs.


This grant is for individuals or groups from Asian countries and regions who pursue Citizen Science as defined by the Takagi Fund.  Applicants are not required to have defined or designated themselves as engaged in Citizen Science prior to application

Grant Amounts: Maximum grant amount per application this year is US$5,000


Projects which tackle urgent issues in which science and technology are threatening civil society and environment, and related policy issues.

  • Projects which contribute to enhancing human rights, human security, conservation of nature, alternative economy and peace for all citizens without exclusion of the most disadvantaged.
  • Projects which have imagination and conceptual power, backed by expertise and appropriate methodology, with planning and budget adequately designed.
  • Projects which have a clear and practical vision of how to apply the findings to society or to calling for policy changes.
  • Projects dealing with issues for which the Japanese government and/or corporations are partly or fully responsible.
  • Projects which are implemented by community-based organizations or in close collaboration with them.
  • Projects which are implemented in a peaceful manner employing non-violent means only

Not Preferred

  • Project on a topic with a needed level of support which has a high possibility of receiving public funding or support from corporations.
  • Project submitted by a large group or a well-established institution that have the ability to secure their own funding sources.
  • Project which allocates its budget mainly to outsourcing to other researchers.
  • Project which allocates its budget mostly to administrative costs, salaries and campaigns.

How to Apply

Please read through this application guideline and visit the website and if applicant feel his/her project fits within our funding policy, please download the form from http://www.takagifund.org/e/apply/application.html . The submission deadline for this round of applications is 10 September 2019 23:59 (in Japan time, GMT +9).  

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