Grants for Harnessing Social Protection to Enable Vulnerable Children Access HIV Testing, Treatment & Care
Grants for Harnessing Social Protection to Enable Vulnerable Children Access HIV Testing, Treatment & Care

Organization: Positive Action Challenge

Apply By: 05 Mar 2019

Grant Amount: 5000 USD

In partnership with

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS is a unique group of global donors, UN agencies, NGOs and independent experts working together to help children survive and thrive. This includes children and adolescents (aged 0-18 years) infected with HIV and AIDS; those at risk of infection; and children affected by the social and economic impacts of others close to them living with HIV.

The Issue

Millions of children are out of the reach of HIV testing, treatment and care services. They are either too poor, too stigmatised or too far away to access or to benefit from the HIV response. The HIV sector has acknowledged that achieving the ‘last mile’ of the Fast-Track targets will require new approaches that remove the social and economic barriers between vulnerable children and HIV services.[1] For this, the HIV sector and broader social and economic sectors must work together so that all children - including those experiencing vulnerability and exclusion - can access and benefit from biomedical support. 

Social protection is vital in this regard. However, while it is understood that social protection schemes can reduce the risk of contracting HIV (UNAIDS, 2018), there is limited evidence on how social protection can protect and support vulnerable children and adolescents in testing, treatment and care.

The lack of documented evidence is holding back investment in solutions that work.  In some ways, work on the ground is far ahead of that at the global level.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that communities have long been providing children and their families with a range of social and economic services alongside HIV interventions. However, without the funds available community-based organisations have not been able to document or share these innovations.

Meanwhile, there are several scientific research data sets on children and communities affected by HIV and AIDS that have not, thus far, been analysed with this lens.  Without these innovations documented, global policy, programming and funding decision-makers remain unaware of them and unable to deliver them at scale.

This prize seeks to address this evidence gap.  It will provide the scientific findings and case studies to help drive greater attention towards integrated programming.  The results will be promoted in a range of strategic global and regional policy, funding and programming fora, with the intent of generating change for children.

The Prize

  • Winners will be awarded up to $5,000 USD to produce EITHER a scientific article OR a case study.
  • Scientific articles will be submitted for publication in a 2019 special issue of Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies.
  • Case studies will be published on the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS website and range of advocacy materials.

Concept notes accepted until 5 February 2019 at 23:59 GMT.

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