EoI's Invited from NGO partners for Nand Ghars (modern Anganwadis)
 EoI's Invited from NGO partners for Nand Ghars (modern Anganwadis)

Organization: Vedanta Foundation

Apply By: 22 Feb 2019

Vedanta Foundation is a multifaceted philanthropic initiative of Vedanta Resources Plc. The development programs focus mainly on education, nutrition and livelihood. It is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act, 1976.

The aim is to provide focused interventions in areas such as basic education among school children, child nutrition, and vocational training and employment opportunities.

The vision of the foundation is to achieve inclusive growth by providing support through focused programs with high potential for social development.

Scope and Objective:

Nand Ghar is a Vedanta CSR initiative to create and operatesmart Anganwadis. Nand Ghars are built with state-of-the-art infrastructure which is fire resistant, damp resistant, earthquake resistant and equipped with solar power systems for electricity. Nand Ghars do not aim to be limited by the traditional functions of an Anganwadi center (AWC), but aims at playing a greater role in development of rural communities.  It is designed with a vision to potentially transform women and child development in India by disrupting the status quo.

Nand Ghar provides services across four thematic area viz. health, early childhood education, nutrition and skill. The services specifically include:

  • Early childhood education for children 3-6 years of age
  • Pre-packed nutritious meal for children below 6 years of age
  • Healthcare services for the Nand Ghar beneficiaries and by extension the local community
  • Skill and entrepreneurship training for rural women

As part of its operating model, the Nand Ghar is supported by an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) partner to ensure smooth and effective service delivery at the Nand Ghars. An Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Partner would be responsible for on-ground implementation, overall management and monitoring of above mentioned services. The O&M Partner would act as the last mile point of contact for Vedanta Nand Ghar team and will effectively liaison with other thematic area partners who will (in their respective capacity and scope) deliver thematic area services with support and coordination from O&M Partner.

The partner shall provide services for 4000 Nand Ghars across Rajasthan, U.P, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh.

The O&M Partner would be responsible for the smooth delivery of the following services:

  • Conduct population profile to capture number and type of CSR activities in the area including receptivity of these activities
  • Community mobilization and engagement with Nand Ghar beneficiaries and larger community
  • Overall management of Nand Ghar infrastructure (assets and amenities) and regular reporting through MIS
  • On-ground monitoring of nutrition and education thematic areas and supervisory monitoring for skill, health and training component of education thematic area including regular reporting on MIS
  • Ensure operational excellence of the project through robust delivery and monitoring
  • Host periodic health camps and community events ensuring maximum coverage
  • Conduct survey to capture the profile of Nand Ghar beneficiaries (3-6 years old), their current status of ICDS enrolment
  • Conduct survey to capture the profile of Nand Ghar beneficiaries (0-3 years old, 3-6 years old and pregnant and lactating women), micro nutrient deficiencies among children, number of Severe Acute Malnourished (SAM) and Moderate Acute Malnourished (MAM) children, and number of children detected with Kwashiorkor, Marasmus.
  • Regular engagement with community leaders, opinion leaders and government functionaries (general administration, ICDS and health)
  • Build Nand Ghar as a resource center for the community
  1. Provide asset support, management and housekeepingas and when required
  2. Submission of various monthly reports, community event reports

A more detailed scope of work would be provided to shortlisted partners, before being asked to submit commercial proposals.As on date, 193 Nand Ghars are operational across 3 states viz.Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Duration of the assignment:

The O&M partner will commence work from 1st April 2019 for a period of two years, till 31st March 2021.


Eligibility conditions for submission of RFP

S. No.

Basic requirement

Specific Requirement

Documents Required


Legal Entity

A company registered under Companies Act, 1956 or a Society registered under Registration of Societies Act, 1860 or a body registered under relevant provisions of law in India (please state specifics, Individuals are not permitted)

Registration/Incorporation Certificate of the bidding organization


Valid (1) PAN/TAN No.; (2) Goods and Services Tax Registration No.


Organizational Capability

Organisation should have strong leadership, manpower and local presence

Organisation structure of the bidder giving the details of actual strength of its employees and details of key personnel


Details of office locations


Technical Capability

a)The agency must have atleast five years’ experience of working in rural development with completed projects in one or more of the following areas - education, health, nutrition, skill development, women and child.

b)Experience of providing similar services, including operations and maintenance, program management, asset management, monitoring, MIS and technology, community engagement, stakeholder management, etc.

c)Strong presence at the local level in the project states mentioned above

d)Experience of liaising and working with local and state level government

Copies of Work Order/ Letter of award/ Contract or proof of completion of the project(s) or ongoing assignments which have completed minimum six months duration to be considered. For donor/CSR funded projects, a letter from the funding agency outlining the specifics would be acceptable.


Additional weightage for extra projects undertaken

Requisite documents to be furnished as part of EOI

The following documents shall be submitted by the agency as a response to the EOI, with self-attestation on each page thereof:

  • Letter of interest from the applicant on their letter head
  • All documents/ statements to support that the bidding organisations fulfils the eligibility conditions as mentioned in para 3 herein above.
  • A declaration that the agency has never been black listed or restricted to apply for any such activities by any Government Department or Court of Law anywhere in the country

EOI Proposal Preparation Costs and related issues

  • The bidder is responsible for all costs incurred in connection with participation in this process, including, but not limited to, costs incurred in conduct of informative and other diligence activities, participation in meetings/ discussions/ presentations, preparation of proposal.
  • Vedanta will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process
  • This EOI does not commit Vedanta to award a contract or to engage in negotiations. Further, no reimbursable cost may be incurred in anticipation of award or for preparing this EOI
  • All materials submitted by the bidder will become the property of Vedanta and may be returned completely at its sole discretion

Submission Guidelines:

  • A pre-EoI meeting may be conducted at Vedanta office which all potential partners are encouraged to participate
  • The service providers should submit the EoI and the required documents via. e-Mail to nandghar@vedanta.co.in by 22ndFeb 2019.The EOIs received up to the last date shall be opened on the notified date.  Any proposal received by Vedanta after the aforementioned deadline shall be rejected and returned unopened to the Bidder.
  • Only the short listed service providers will be notified via. e-Mail by 1st March 2019.
  • Shortlisted agencies shall be invited to submit Technical and Financial proposals. Final selection of the organization shall be done on the basis of the Technical and Financial proposals.

Evaluation Process:

  • Vedanta will constitute an Evaluation Committee to evaluate the response of the bidders.
  • The Evaluation Committee constituted by Vedanta shall evaluate the responses to the EOI and all supporting documents and documentary evidence. Inability to submit requisite supporting documents or documentary evidence, may lead to rejection of the EOI proposal.
  • The decision of the Evaluation Committee shall be final. No correspondence will be entertained outside the evaluation process of the Committee.
  • The Evaluation Committee may ask for presentation / meeting with the bidders to evaluate its suitability for the assignment.
  • The Evaluation Committee reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

In case of any further queries related to this EoI, please e-Mail Romila Bhardwaj at nandghar@vedanta.co.in  on or before 15th Feb 2019 (one week before deadline)









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