EOI Invited for Ecosystems Services Valuation Expert

EOI Invited for Ecosystems Services Valuation Expert

Organization: Tetra Tech ARD

Apply By: 21 Jul 2019

Scope Of Work For Ecosystems Services Valuation Expert

1. Background and Rationale

Initiated in December 2018, Forest-PLUS 2.0 is a five-year program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC). The goal of Forest-PLUS 2.0 is to improve management of targeted forest landscapes in three states in India for enhanced ecosystem services and increase inclusive economic opportunities. An improved ecosystem approach to management will in turn lead to improved ecosystem services and contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the country.

The three objectives of the Forest-PLUS 2.0 program are:

  1. To strengthen ecosystem-based management of forest landscapes;
  2. To factor ecosystem services into management of forest landscapes; and
  3. To increase economic opportunities from improved landscape management. 

Major activities to be carried out under Forest-PLUS 2.0 include:

  • Development/revision of Working Plans & landscape management plans, 
  • Development/refinement, application and institutionalization of tools,
  • Development/refinement of decision-support systems for forest landscape planning, management and monitoring,
  • Incorporation of ecosystem services and their values in the Working Plans,
  • Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services and their flows at landscape scale, and incorporation of these services and their values into management planning processes,
  • Development of incentive mechanism(s) for managing landscapes to provide ecosystem services, and
  • Development viable forest-based value chains, moving beyond subsistence-scale livelihoods, to provide economic incentives for reinvestment in the natural capital assets.

The program is being implemented in three landscapes - Gaya Forest Division of Bihar, Medak Forest Division of Telangana, and Thiruvananthapuram Forest Division of Kerala.

Ecosystem services valuation

India’s forests have been estimated to have a net present value of $1.7 trillion. Assessing the economic value of ecosystem services can be useful for illustrating the value of well-managed forest ecosystems to stakeholders, planners, and policy makers. Valuation is most useful when applied to policy or planning decisions and can be an important input in evaluating scenarios and in developing incentive mechanisms. There are many economic methods that can be used, but it is important to use methods that are appropriate to the context, goals, data availability, and that will be acceptable to stakeholders.

Forest-PLUS 2.0 will provide technical assistance to the Government of India (GoI) and other stakeholders to illustrate the economic value of specific ecosystem services and of bundles of services, explicitly considering the differential access men and women – and marginalized groups within forest communities – to have economic opportunities and access to services and providers of services.

To this end, Forest-PLUS 2.0 has decided to engage the services of a competent individual to undertake an ecosystems services valuation assignment as described below.

2.  Assignment Objectives

To identify valuation methods for specific ecosystem services in consultation with stakeholders:

The consultant should outline methods that can be used for valuation of ecosystem services in the project landscapes and provide suggestions for the most relevant methods considering the management objectives and needs of the GoI, State Forest Departments, and local communities. The report will include an assessment and analysis of existing valuation methods, which have been developed by other institutions like the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal. The proposed valuation method(s) may vary for each of the sites, Presentations of draft findings to pertinent national and regional government offices, as well as other interested parties such as academic institutions, conservation entities, private sector stakeholders and donors, may be required.

Apply the agreed upon methods in the Activity landscapes

The consultant will provide a written report with the results of each of the valuation studies, which should include an executive summary, not to exceed five pages. Furthermore, upon finalizing the report, the consultant will be expected to prepare presentations to pertinent and interested stakeholders, as outlined above.  

3. Methodology

The methodology will be proposed by and negotiated with the Valuation Expert considering the need for robust analysis, contextual specificities and feasibility within the time and resources available, but it is envisaged that the methodology will focus on the expected deliverables. The methodology will most likely include field visits to the 3 landscapes, analysis of existing valuation methods, and developing/adopting valuation methods, discussions with relevant national and state government officials, working in coordination with an agency working on baseline development and data collection and conducting a valuation exercise for different ecosystems services in the three landscapes. 

4. Gender Integration

The methodology and tools used need to ensure gender sensitivity and integration of gender specific perspectives and requirements in identification and selection of valuation methods as well as in the valuation of the ecosystem services. 

5. Expected Deliverables

  • Strategy paper on methods to be used for valuation of ecosystem services, including the rationale for the choices, and any trade-offs.
  • For each target landscape, a report on the value of select ecosystem services, to include maps, as appropriate. Valuation information is used in management plans, tools, and other objectives.

6. Timeline

The duration of the assignment will be as per the deadlines for each task/deliverable and mutually decided in phases as the work progresses.  A detailed time schedule for the assignment will be developed.  The valuation expert will be working in coordination with the Forest-PLUS 2.0 core team based in Delhi and will be reporting to the Landscape Ecologist.

7. Budget

The proposed budget should include the consultant’s fee, field work expenses excluding travel, lodging and boarding, and any report preparation expenses. A deliverable/milestone-based payment schedule will be agreed upon at the start of the assignment. Costs of travel to the field locations, local travel and accommodation and food during travel will be reimbursed based on actuals.

8. Consultant’s Expertise

Competency of the individual, past experience in similar work and overall experience ecosystem valuation methods, and total cost, will form the principal criterion for selection of the expert. 

Interested candidates will have to demonstrate capacity and experience indicating that they are qualified to provide this service. Candidates should have a wide experience in ecosystem services valuation and should have experience of working with MoEFCC and State Forest Departments. The consultant should have proven conceptual, analytical, research and writing skills, excellent participatory facilitation, communication and writing skills, fluency in English and Hindi.

9. Submission of Expression of Interest

Prospective consultants are requested to submit technical and financial proposals using the following format (not more than 4 pages, except profile/CVs/resumes):

  • Profile of the consultant(s) – include reports of previous similar valuations and studies
  • Understanding and interpretation of the Scope of Work
  • Approach and methodology:
  • Overview of work plan
  • Proposed Consultancy Fees

10. Date of Submission of Expression of Interest

The application as per the format (see section 9) should be mailed to procurement@forestplus.org . The last date of submission of this expression of interest is July 21, 2019.





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