EOI Invited from Non-Profits willing to Partner with ‘Genpact Social Impact Fellowship (GSIF) 5.0'

EOI Invited from Non-Profits willing to Partner with ‘Genpact Social Impact Fellowship (GSIF) 5.0'

Organization: Genpact

Apply By: 16 Dec 2019

Title-Expression of Interest (EOI) invited from Non-Profits, who are willing to partner with ‘Genpact Social Impact Fellowship 5.0’, with a purpose to host GSIF Consultants intending to bring in systemic changes in the organization and deliver better impacts.

About GSIF:

Genpact Social Impact Fellowship (GSIF) is a unique, one-year full-time fellowship programme, carefully curated by Genpact. It is a flagship strategic CSR programme of Genpact. The programme is designed to identify about 25 competent professionals who are willing to prove their capability by working for the benefit of society. It also provides an opportunity to be mentored by some of the senior leaders of Genpact.

The year-long fellowship programme deploys process excellence experts (Consultants) to work on high – impact projects in India. Geographically spread across major cities of India, the Consultants work in areas of Education, Women Empowerment and Skilling Ecosystems.The Consultants make use of six sigma skills to transform existing processes, thereby bringing a systemic change in the social sector.

Since its launch in 2016, GSIF has emerged as one of the most distinguished and sought after fellowship programmes in the social development sector in India.As part of the GSI Fellowship, the Consultants are deployed on black belt projects with selective non-profits to work around one or more of the following areas:

  • Blueprints on the scalability of the existing operating model.
  • Identify and work on key output levers of existing programmes to drive larger outcomes.
  • Re-engineer existing processes to make them more robust so as to deliver exponential impact on end beneficiaries of the programme /project.
  • To help build social organizations that are sustainable and can scale up in their communities.
  • To create process-efficient solutions for non-profit organizations, leading to an amplification of their social impact targets

Given are a few examples of how GSIF has benefitted non-profits in delivering better impacts:

  • For Saajha, GSIF fellows developed a robust governance framework that enhanced parental and community engagement to improve children’s learning in government run schools. The fellows established and improved strong communication linkages that strengthened the process to resolve academic and social grievances of 1029 Delhi government schools, thereby impacting 1.5 million students.
  • For Head Held high :Enabling access to work opportunities for rural disconnected youth through market understanding & setting up a monitoring system. Impact :  Placement rate improved from current 21% to 45%.  MIC will reach out to 2500 youth across 18 states  with 1125 youth placed, impacting 5500 lives
  • For Medha :Re-engineering the Training process and developing a measurement system to assess impact on outcomes. Impact:Trainer Competency enhancement by 15%. Reduction of Cost per student by 15%. Increased outreach from 3000 to 60000 students
  • For Breakthrough :Enhancing the Monitoring & Evaluation framework for Digital Attendance System data & developing an Early Warning System which flags adolescents who are more vulnerable to dropping out. Impact :Tracking Unique Reach of 900,000 adolescents by 2021. Reducing dropouts through enhanced tracking
  • For Aali :Increasing access to case work services for survivors of gender based violence by re-engineering the Training model. Impact : Reaching 94+ districts, Work with 2180+ survivors, 15,900 advocacy meetings to make legal services accessible to all women

Expression of Interest from Non-profits:

Applications are invited from non-profits to partner with GSIF as host organizations for Consultants for a year. These Consultants are hand-picked through a rigorous selection process and deployed for full-time work with the chosen non-profits. The Non-Profit Organization is not liable to pay the Consultant any Stipend as the Consultants are on the payroll of GSIF anchors. However, any travel related costs, including food and accommodation, during field travel shall be borne by the respective Non-Profit Organization.

Genpact have commissioned CSRBOX & NGOBOX to invite and shortlist non-profits to host GSIF Consultants.

Eligibility to Host a Fellow:

Primarily, the applicant organization should be eligible to implement a CSR project in India as per the Section 135 of the Companies Act. Minimum eligibility criteria to be a part of GSIF are as given below:

The Non-Profit Organization shall:

  • Be Legally registered as Trust / Society /Section 8 or Section 25
  • Have completed minimum 3 years of CSR operations and implementation since Registration.
  • Furnish 80G and 12A certificates, past 3 years Audited Annual Reports, past 3 years Audited Financial Statements, along with other relevant documents.
  • Have ongoing and committed projects for the Financial Year 2020-21(with a renewed MoU) to leverage the capacities and expertise of the Consultant.
  • Agree to report (M&E) to Genpact for 3 years post implementation of Solution to showcase its progress and impact on beneficiaries.
  • Agree to take care of the Travel and Living cost of Consultant / Sr. Consultant as per the T&L policy, at the time of project related travel (refer to GSIF Guideline document)

(There are other criteria as well which are given in detail in the GSIF Guidelines document, to be downloaded along with Level 1- Screening Form)

The Application Process

The application process for non-profits has been structured in two stages:

Level 1: Screening

Level 2: Advance

This expression of interest is for the Screening (Level 1) of the organization in alignment with the objectives of the Genpact Social Impact Fellowship. Organizations shortlisted for the Advance Level will be intimated by CSRBOX team and asked to fill in ‘Level 2: Advance’ form and will further be briefed about the next steps.

Important Note: There is no application fee for this entire process. Only shortlisted organizations, after the screening, will be contacted by Team CSRBOX.

How to Apply?

Submission of Level 1: Screening Form

The screening form can be downloaded here, along with the GSIF Guidelines document (Applicant is advised to go through the GSIF Guidelines document before filling the form, to understand the Programme better). Entries will be accepted until 16th December, 2019.

Once filled, please send the completed Level 1- Screening Form to in word format to pooja@csrbox.org, and mark a copy to vaidehi@csrbox.org with the subject line ‘GSIF Level 1 application form (filled) - Organization Name 

For any queries, you may write to us at pooja@csrbox.org or call us on 8130050215. Please clearly specify the subject line as ‘GSIF Screening Level 1 query- Organization Name ’.For any other grievance or concern, you may write a mail to csr@ngobox.org, with subject line ‘GSIF grievance redressal-Organization Name'.

CSRBOX shall also hold 2 Facebook Live Sessions with Genpact on its official Facebook page on 20/11/2019 and 28/11/2019, to discuss about the basics of GSIF programme and address any queries related to itrespectively. Stay tuned!


1. Does the Non-Profit Organization need to pay the GSIF Consultant's stipend while hosting them for a year?

  • No, the Consultants are on a payroll of GSIF programme anchors.

2. Does this involve any CSR funding/ grant from Genpact?

  • No, the GSIF programme does not have any grant component.

3. Do applicant organizations need to submit any project proposal for this?

  • No, if the organization is shortlisted after Level 1 - Screening, CSRBOX will send a Level 2- Advance form to be completed by the top management of the organization.

4. Who is authorized to fill up the EOI form on behalf of the organization?

  • There is no defined criteria for the Level 1 EOI. However, for Level 2, only the autorized signatory of the organization is eligible to submit the form.

5. Does the non-profit organization need to pay the GSIF Consultant's/ Sr. Consultant T&L while hosting them for  a year?

  • Yes, the non-profit organization needs to take care of the T&L cost as per the policy defined by GSIF. This will be applicable only when the Consultant is expected to travel for project deliverables. Refer to GSIF guideline document. 



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