EOI invited for Illustrating Quarterly Periodical for Girls Education Program

EOI invited for Illustrating Quarterly Periodical for Girls Education Program

Organization: Room to Read

Apply By: 17 Jan 2020

About Room to Read:

Room to Read (RTR) envisions a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world. To achieve this goal, RTR focuses on two areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact: Literacy and Gender equality through education in collaboration with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa.

Room to Read’s Girls Education Program (GEP) was launched in 2000 to promote gender equality in education and support girls to complete secondary school with the necessary life skills to negotiate key life decisions. GEP has been operational in India since 2004 and currently works in 7 states[1] supporting the state governments where female literacy rate and gender gap in literacy is below the national average. To achieve this goal, we provide long term educational support to girls averaging a period of 6 years which includes material support, academic support, Life Skill education and mentoring. So far RTR has supported the education of more than 15000 girls.Room to Read partners with organisations- working on the ground- for the execution of program, leveraging resources and skills, and develop a large base of stakeholders towards building ownership of the program.


About the Assignment

GEP publishes two periodicals (junior and senior version) three times a year. Although the GEP is a program specifically designed for girls, this periodical is designed for girls and boys both– their reading and engagement with the text. The junior version caters to the boys and girls between 11-14 years and the senior version to that between 15-18 years. This is an interactive platform for the school students and the entries are sent by them (from GEP states, except Andhra Pradesh and Telangana).

These adolescents express their views, dreams and share their experiences through these Periodical which also has many sections with relevant information for them to make them familiar with issues related to adolescence. Overall, the topics of the periodical should be such that they are innovative and provide interesting and relevant reading material to adolescent boys and girls on a regular basis, and also to provide them a space for articulating themselves and raising queries. Incorporating children’s contribution is the most important aspect of Periodical. The below mentioned tasks is to be performed by the consultant/firm in close discussion and coordination with the GEP point person and team are outlined as follows:

Scope Of Work


  1. The consultant will be expected to conceptualize 3 junior and 3 senior issues of Periodical during the year.The GUPSHUP will be developed in line with the theme provided to the consultant by the point person from Room to Read. This theme may be conceptualized in discussion with the consultant and the consultant may also be required to give his/her input in identifying themes which will be relevant for both the girls and boys and will be instrumental in developing an understanding and commitment towards gender equality amongst the readers. Since Room to Read works in different states in India, the themes/issues and the reference material might have the artwork and expressions of girls through some of the letters. The whole conceptualization exercise will be done by the consultant/ firm independently based on the finalized themes and issues by RTR point person. Necessary support will be provided by Room to Read during the conceptualization exercise.

Content Development

  1. The consultant is expected to create, develop and write the finalized relevant content in form of narrative, story lines or any other relevant form of the periodical, sort the letters received from the readers and type them for it to be a part of the Periodical. The consultant will create content for each section that will be finalized in consultation with RTR.
  2. The content should be gender transformational in a way that it should enable the readers to envision and visualize a gender equal world and go beyond gender stereotyping – to help them realize their own potential. The consultant will undertake content and copy editing and proof reading ensuring that the content is error free, relevant and is aligned to the GEP mandate and vision.
  3. The final designed version/dummy copy of the periodical will be checked and edited by the Consultant and necessary changes will be made by the consultant for printing.


  1. The consultant/firm is expected to conceptualize the ideas for the illustration that supplements the content and should be able to contribute to visualizations of gender equality and help in moving away from gender stereotyping child friendly and depict the Gupshup Mascots.
  2. The illustrations will be shared to the RTR point person and he/she will have the authority to approve the final illustrations.


  • The consultant will be responsible for designing and laying out 6 Periodicals in a reader-friendly and innovative manner and placing illustrations or photographs wherever appropriate, required and expected.
  • The consultant will also be responsible for formatting and layout of the text including making text editions once the layout is done
  • Preparing a print ready file of each Periodical. Designing and formatting will be in line with Room to Read’s branding guidelines

Key Deliverables

  • Post the conceptualization exercise, the consultant/ firm will share a one pager note/ illustrative demo/ visual document of the envisioned final copy of the periodical for further discussion and finalization of the document.
  • Final written and designed content of 3 junior and 3 senior issues of Periodical (in February, April and October 2020) in Hindi proof read, typed, print ready and approved by RTR. The Hindi should be of daily speaking or easily understandable. Administrative Hindi should be avoided.
  • Raw data i.e. All the entries, photographs and reference material used in the periodical to be handed over to RTR
  • The number of illustrations may vary as per the content of the periodicals and these illustrations must go along with the text.
  • The Consultant will share the final print ready version of the periodicals both in PDF and Open File (editable) in a CD and/or over mail  to Room to Read. The print ready version shoud be of 9"x14" (Height x Width) page size.
  • In case of any changes post the sharing of the final print ready version with the Printer (by RtR), the consultant/ firm might need to do all the edits and/ or changes in the format/ designing/ illustraitons etc.
  • The consultant will need to provide services to complete all the above tasks in a given time-frame as outlined in this ToR and as will be mutually agreed to during the contract finalization. The consultant will be expected to ideate on the kinds of material that can be created / put together and come to a final list in consultation and agreement with the point person at RTR. The qualities of the final product and the timely submission of outputs will be the key performance indicators.
  • The consultant will be expected to collect all the material that RTR will provide from RTR office premises. The consultant will also be required to come to office 2-3 times for each issue as and when requested by RTR point person if there arise conditions for further discussions on the content/design /illustration or any other.

Contributions from RTR:

  • Provide entries received from the field, when applicable.
  • Support in finalizing the illustrations.
  • Monitor the assignment
  • Review, comment and approve the deliverables.

Note: For all of the above-mentioned scope of work there will be a minimum of 5-6 rounds of feedbacks and suggestions that will come from Room to Read and the consultant should be open to that.

Experiences Needed for Assignment:

  • Professional Consultant / firm with demonstrated experience in creating innovative content development relating to children, girl’s education and development issues.
  • Knowledge and work experience on content development using innovative ways.
  • Knowledge of current happenings on issues related to Girls Education, Life Skills education; and Family, School and Community engagement methods.
  • Demonstrated experience in design and illustration of materials related to children, girl’s education and development issues.
  • Creativity and innovation is a must.
  • Ability to work independently and to meet the given deadlines and adhere to the RTR guidelines.
  • Excellent in easy daily spoken Hindi.


The duration of the contract is from 1st February 2020 to 31st December 2020. However, RTR can terminate the agreement if the consultant is unable to revert on set timelines or the assignment is not up to mark as per then RTR expectations.

The working days will be spread over a period of not exceeding 45 days with mutual agreement between the consultant and RTR, as given below but not limited to:

February– March 2020; July-August 2020; October – November 2020


Payment will be done per the payment plan which would be shared in the agreement letter. For any local conveyance relating to the meetings between the consultant and Room to Read if the consultant is called for a meeting, the local conveyance will be borne by RTR and will require an approval from the RTR point person

How To Apply

Last date for submitting the proposals is 17th January 2020 in the sealed envelope on the address mentioned below:

Zain Zaidi

Room to Read India Trust.

D21 Corporate Park, Office No. 201E (B), 2nd floor, Sector – 21,

Dwarka, Nr. Sector 8 Metro, New Delhi – 110075

M: +91 8587039908

Along with the proposal, please submit a Demo newsletter on the theme of ‘Child Marriage’ based on the aforesaid content and illustrations along with design. The demo newsletter should be original in nature.

While submitting the proposal, please make sure you write “Bids for GUPSHUP –GEP” on the envelope.

Proposal received after the prescribed deadline will not be considered.

The TDS will be applicable on the consultancy fee. The payment would be done at the completion of work for each newsletter as per the mentioned milestones.

You are requested to kindly submit the proposal in 2 files separately (i) Financial Bid & (ii) Technical Bid, respectively. The demo newsletter could be attached along with the financial and technical bid.

Please attach the CV of the consultant. All consultants/organization will be expected to sign and abide the child protection policy of Room to Read.

For any queries related to the proposal, you may contact us at +91 4666-4999 within the deadline.

(Pls note, we do not work on weekends)

Please mention NGOBOX as your reference.




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