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1.  Introduction

Bharti Foundation invites sealed proposal from the eligible vendors/agencies for Implementation of Financial Inclusion Program. The objective of the project is to contribute to improve indicators in Financial Inclusion with particular focus on promoting financial awareness and education among children and youth and by way of Knowledge-sharing among agencies operating in Financial Inclusion for the chosen districts in India.

2.  Tentative inception of the project: 1st August 2019 

3.  Duration: 1 Year

4.  Proposed geographic area:




Uttar Pradesh

Balrampur, Bahraich, Sonbhadra

Madhya Pradesh

Vidisha, Singroli


5.  Scope of work :


5.1.      To develop Financial Literacy modules for rural communities, especially youth groups. The developed modules will have a copyright of Bharti Foundation.

5.2.      To implement the Financial Literacy Module for schools and colleges (grade/level specific) that has the potential to shape financial behaviors at a young age and measure outcome with pre & post session assessment.

5.3.      The agency to ensure communities and target population use and adopt digital financial services and ensuring impact from the above activities with data driven evidence

5.4.      To train 100+ Education Officers/ teachers / lecturers as Master Trainers in each chosen districts for ongoing sustainability and  scaling up of literacy (post our exit)

5.5.      To empower and train young people by way of trainings/ refresher trainings on financial inclusion as a vocation to be eligible for becoming Banking Correspondents (Target 100+ youths) in each chosen districts.

5.6.      To sensitize to targeted population and youth groups on various Government schemes related to Financial Inclusion.

5.7.      To conduct an annual/bi-annual knowledge-sharing round-table in chosen districts and form an informal network of organizations such as Banks, NBFCs/MFIs, NGOs, local government bodies, Social Consulting Firms, etc.

5.8.      To share best practices, knowledge, impact, etc. from NGOs, Govt. and other agencies (with the targeted community and Bharti Foundation)

5.9.      Conducting an annual knowledge-sharing round-table and form a network of organizations such as Banks, NBFCs/MFIs, NGOs, local government bodies, Social Consulting Firms, etc.

5.10.   Encourage sharing of best practices, knowledge, impact, etc. from other NGOs/Agencies/Govt./Private institutions

5.11.   The agency is expected to deploy necessary staff required for the implementation of the project.



6.  Reporting Structure:


6.1.        Monthly: The agency is expected to submit a monthly reports to Bharti Foundation about the progress of the pilot on activities across chosen indicators as follows:


ü  Financial Literacy (Awareness & education)

ü  No of Students reached through various ways (Such as school event/lecture/ module, College events)

ü  % of Girl Students trained

ü  Number of youth reached and trained

ü  % of Girls trained

ü  Number of Master Trainers developed

ü  Number of youth oriented on Banking Correspondent vocation


6.2.        Quarterly: Submit quarterly reports of all activities, training events, conferences including any challenges various stakeholders are facing. Monitor progress, gather feedback on outcomes and build scale and report the progress on monthly and quarterly basis:


6.3.        Yearly: After completion of the project, final DPR to be submitted to Bharti Foundation on impact and outcome, data and statistical analysis of the interventions.



7.  Eligibility Criteria of the Agency:

Agencies who fulfill the following criteria are eligible to respond to the RFP. Offers received from the agencies who do not fulfill all or any of the following eligibility criteria shall be rejected.

7.1.    The agency/organization must meet parameter set by RBI under the "Business Facilitator" model, or a Trust, Society, Section 8 Company registered under the appropriate law.  

7.2.    The applying agency should have past experience in implementing projects related to Financial Inclusion, Banking/Business Correspondence. Supporting documents to be submitted. 

7.3.    Applying agency should not have been declared as NPA by any of the financial institution in India or abroad. Agency to submit an undertaking to this effect in their letterhead.

7.4.    Applying agency should have never been blacklisted/debarred by Central/State Govt. Dept., Bank, Financial Institution or any other organization in India or abroad.

7.5.    The agency must be able to appoint at least one dedicate staff in each selected project location.

7.6.    The agency should have infrastructure to provide local, dedicated support for the entire contract period as per the terms of RFP and as and when demanded by the Bharti Foundation.

8.  Details to be submitted by eligible agencies:

Deadline for submission: 31st May 2019.

Name of the Agency


Type of Agency (Trust/NGO/ Sec 8 Company/ For-profit entity/ any other)


Certificate of registration


Year of Inception


Year since the company is functional (1st project)


Key officials and their profile


Organization profile and list of projects implemented by the agency


List of Donors/Partner agencies


Geographical presence


Experience with Financial Inclusion Projects


No. of qualified and experienced professionals available to implement the project


Whether the organization has experience in working in UP and MP. Please share the experience in months and number of projects implemented.


Acknowledge letter/ recognition letter from existing partner/donor on implementing Financial Inclusion project


Annual audit report (Financial and non-financial)


Proposed Project Implementation Model


Tentative cost of the project



9.  About Bharti Foundation:

Bharti Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, providing quality education to underprivileged children in rural India. Our flagship Satya Bharti School Program has 195 schools in six states provide quality education completely free of cost to over 40,000 children, of which 50% are girls and 76% are from the SC/ST/OBC categories. In addition, the Foundation also works in Governments schools through the Quality Support Program to support quality improvement for students in school, resulting to total reach of about 270,000 underprivileged children from 16 states through our education initiatives.

In addition to its primary focus area of education, the Foundation initiated ‘Satya Bharti Abhiyan’ in 2014, to improve sanitation facilities in rural Ludhiana. Through this initiative, the foundation has been able to construct more than 18,000 toilets for the people of rural villages of Ludhiana. 




Elegible agencies may submit proposals to

Mr. Tarun Singal, DGM- Procurement,

Bharti Foundation I Airtel Centre I  B- wing I 1st Floor

Plot no -16 | Udyoug Vihar | Phase – IV  | Gurgaon | Haryana - 122015 I India


For technical queries only: 

Mr. Tarun Singhal (Mob : 9818994810)

Mr. Rajesh Das (Mob: 9899285109)





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