RFP For Construction of Infra Support Animal Husbandry: Fencing of Pastureland in Gujarat

Organization: Azure Power India Private Limited

Apply By: 07 Dec 2019


Request for Proposal For Construction of Infra Support Animal Husbandry: Fencing of Pastureland in Gujarat

Date of Issue: 25thNovember2019

Last Date of Submission: 7thDecember2019

Method of submission: e-mail to

Ankita, Chhavi: chhavi.ankita@arcadis.com

Mondal, Mousumi: mousumi.mondal@arcadis.com

Banerjee, Bonhisikha: bonhisikha.banerjee@arcadis.com

Chavan,Shraddha: shraddha.chavan@arcadis.com


Issued By

Arcadis India Pvt. Ltd. on the behalf of  Azure Power India Private Limited

About Azure Power

Azure Power is a new-age independent solar energy company with cutting-edge technology. We harness the abundance of solar energy in India to offer clean and affordable solar energy to customers with zero upfront cost and operational expenses. Azure Power has been at the forefront of developments in the sector since its inception in 2007.

Scope Of Work

Azure Power invites vendors to facilitate Construction fencing of pastureland for overall improvement in the general quality of life of the cattle in the rural areas.This program will collaborate with village Panchayat since the implementation requires land/space.  For this activity Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) must be signed between Panchayat and implementing agency in the presence of concern Department. Panchayat shall provide safe and suitably owned/common space.

Expected Outcomes:

Construction of fence in the pastureland

Azure Power requests vendors to share their techno-commercial proposal for implementation of the above. As part of the submission, vendors are also required to submit all relevant KYC documents as annexures in the proposals.

Arcadis India Pvt. Ltd. has been contracted by Azure to support in the evaluation of the techno-commercial proposals of vendors. Vendors are required to submit their proposals through email at chhavi.ankita@arcadis.com , mousumi.mondal@arcadis.com , bonhisikha.banerjee@arcadis.com , shraddha.chavan@arcadis.com   and azure.csr@azurepower.com

The bidder should meet the following pre-qualification criteria:


Eligibility Criterion

Documentary Proof


The bidder must be a registered Company/ Manufacturer/ Authorized Agencies in India and should be in existence since last 3 years or more.

Certificate of Incorporation


The Bidder should have at least 3 year of experience in implementation and delivery of relevant Projects and states.

The Applicant shall provide certificate of experience/Work orders with supporting documents


The bidder should not have defaulted/blacklisted by any Govt. dept/PSU of India and there should not be any pending litigation against bidder with Central /State government department.

Self-declaration on the bidder's letter head is required.


The bidder should have valid documentary proof of GST registration and PAN registration number.

Self-Certified Copy of PAN /GST registration


The bidder should have minimum annual average turnover of Rs. 1 Cr during the last three F.Y i.e., 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18.

Copy of the audited balance sheets of the company or a CA certificate mentioning turnover from IT operations.


The bidder should submit (self-attested) documentary proof in support of each of the above conditions. The incomplete offers will be summarily rejected without any further correspondence.

Vendors are required to:

  • Experience of working with rural communities is desirable
  • Experience of working in Gujarat is desirable 


The project needs to be completed by January2020.

  • Appointment of vendor                                        :               December2019
  • Completion of project implementation          :               January2020

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