RFP Invited for Implementing Road Safety Awareness, Sensitization and Behaviour Change

RFP Invited for Implementing Road Safety Awareness, Sensitization and Behaviour Change

Organization: Bridgestone India Private Limited

Apply By: 15 Sep 2019

RFP Code - RFP/CSR/MOBILITY/03.09.2019

Program Name ‘Road Safety Awareness, Sensitization and Behaviour Change’

Date of RFP Tuesday, 3rd Sep 2019

Last date for submission Sunday, 15th Sep 2019

This request for proposal (RFP) has been issued by the CSR department of Bridgestone India Private Limited for inviting proposals from interested service providers for implementing “Road Safety Awareness, Sensitization and Behaviour Change’ project in 4 cities of India – Indore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata for a period of three years including 1st year as a pilot phase on such terms and conditions set forth in this RFP document. It is hereby certified that; this RFP is not an agreement and is not an offer or invitation by the client to any prospective service provider. The purpose of this RFP is to provide information to interested parties in preparation of their proposals, and for submission of the same, to be considered for selection as the Service Provider.


In March, 2010, WHO launched the decade of action for road safety 2011–2020 to reduce the number of deaths due to traffic accidents in member nations. The Sustainable Development goals also focus on road safety under Goal 3 (ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages). The Decade of Action on road safety recommends a five pronged intervention comprising of:

  • Road safety management
  • Safer roads and mobility
  • Safer vehicles
  • Safer road users

Post-crash response, lack of knowledge and awareness regarding road traffic rules and regulations, violation of traffic rules, flaws in road design and engineering, along with driver behaviour are some of the key factors responsible for road fatalities.

Project Goal:

For promoting safer mobility and secure lives of the road users, overall goal of the project is to promote road safety in all facets of road usage by a collaborative, comprehensive and focused intervention targeting general public specially youth, children and drivers. The project will achieve this goal by innovative strategies to provide information and education and sustain them through collective actions, stakeholder’s involvement and advocacy to influence policies and program.

Scope of work:

Reputed NGOs/agencies may submit proposals along with a brief needs assessment report for awareness generation, sensitization and promoting safe road Behavior in Indore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata as per the scope defined below:

1. City wide mass communications campaigns on road safety, Tyre safety and safe behavior by organizing campaigns, rallies and human chains in communities, schools, colleges and at public places.

2. Create network of self-sustaining interest groups that can carry on with the objective beyond the initial funded project.

  • Establish the effective linkages of existing government program on road safety
  • Identify accident prone zones in nearby areas and advocacy with related institution
  • Emergency Response ~ Training on first aid and emergency response to the selected persons residing near to highways
  • The program to be aligned with road safety alliance on civil society organizations , UN Decade of Action for Road safety

3. Organizing quiz competitions, essay competitions, painting competitions in school/ college.

4. Build at least 2 model “safe zone” in every city for better understanding of people.

5. To train the school bus drivers on defensive driving.

6. Organizing cultural activities/events promoting road safety, such as puppet shows/ plays etc.

7. Technology enabled solutions as specialized applications for promoting safe road behavior, working in close collaboration with Traffic Police.

8. To develop educational and awareness materials, build the capacities of the stakeholders, promote the cause along with branding and visibility.

9. To create monitoring and evaluation tools to assess the effectiveness of the program.

10. To create opportunities for meaningful engagement of employees and other stake holders to volunteer in programs and campaigns.

The above is not final activity, the agencies may propose other activities as well with rational data Pre-Proposal Conference / Meeting: There shall be no pre-proposal conference, but the prospective service providers can mail their quarries on tejpratap-tripathi@bridgestone.co.in   on any area of the RFP, up to 17:00 Hours on 8th Sep 2019. The Client shall send the replies on the queries to service provider.

Validity of the Proposal: Up to 60 days, after the last day of submitting the Proposals.

Last date and time for submitting the proposals by the service providers: 15th Sep 2019 before 17: 00 hours.

Service providers fulfilling the following conditions are eligible to submit their Proposals:

  • It should be registered as a legal entity (NGO, NGO-MFI, SHG Federation, Trust, Sec. 25 Company etc.)
  • It should be operational for at least 3 years (should have performed 3 financial audits) at the time of application.
  • The service provider should have at least 3 years of experience in executing road safety awareness project. The relevant work order/rate contract/ mou and satisfactory completion certificate issued by the client/funder or any of its representatives should be submitted along with the RFP.
  • The organization should have a strong focus on creating meaningful impact on road safety. The organization must submit case studies if any so that the nature of intervention and expertise can be gauged.
  • The service provider should have achieved an average turnover of Rs 10 lakh during the last three financial Years (2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19). The relevant certificate issued by CA should be submitted with proposal.
  • The service provider should have published its annual report for last 3 years (2016- 17, 2017-18 and 2018-19) and it should be submitted along with the RFP.
  • Services provider should mention clear KPI in their proposal.
  • Service provider should have relevant expertise to use IT enable services to maximize project reach and impact.

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