RFP Invited for Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Assessment Study for the National Deworming Day in India

RFP Invited for Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Assessment Study for the National Deworming Day in India

Organization: Evidence Action

Apply By: 16 Sep 2019


Evidence Action scales evidence-based and cost-effective programs to reduce the burden of poverty for millions of people. Our approach fills the gap between research about what works and solutions for people in need. We operate in ten countries across the globe and positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions every year in a measurable way. part of its technical assistance, authorizing organization extends assistance to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and 11 state governments to implement anganwadi and school-based deworming to all children between the ages of 1 to 19 years. A critical component of the technical assistance is conceptualizing and designing IEC materials and a communications campaign to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of deworming to achieve maximum coverage on NDD.

In order to make evidence-based decisions on development and dissemination of the communications campaigns for future deworming rounds, authorizing organization undertook an assessment of the IEC activities in year 2016. With the evolution of the NDD program, ongoing revisions to the IEC materials based on program needs and with the objective to develop new materials to engage with different subcategories of the NDD target audience, authorizing organization will undertake anassessment of the current IEC strategy. This assessment will help develop an understanding of current relevance and effectiveness from a user-centric design perspective, particularly in the context of recent WASH efforts in India and its association with STH control efforts. The evidence base for WASH and STH demonstrates the importance of preventing contact with environmental water bodies.


This RFP is for undertaking the study assessing relevance and effectiveness of current NDD IEC materials among the target groups across urban and rural settings (in terms of recall, acceptability and usage). More specifically,

  • To assess WASH messaging in the context of Soil-transmitted helminth (STH) control in current NDD awareness efforts with reference to standard WASH - NTD (STH) guidelines.
  • To understand the current information flow and effectiveness of IEC channels for different target groups in terms of deworming; and
  • To analyze areas of improvement in the NDD toolkit (mass media, community mobilization, training materials etc.) and recommend cost-effective user-centric IEC which can be institutionalized

Scope of Work:

Authorizing organization is seeking to engage an agency to design and implement an IEC assessment using mixed methods (both qualitative and quantitative) approach. The assessment will evaluate the awareness, understanding, and perceptions in terms of the relevance and effectiveness of current NDD IEC toolkit among target groups and also suggest an essential improvement in the existing IECtoolkit. The evidence base for WASH and STH demonstrates the importance of preventing contact with environmental water bodies. So, assessing the WASH messaging in the context of STH control in current NDD is essential to generate awareness in India.

Authorizing organization ’s Roles and Responsibilities will include:

  • Define roles, responsibilities, timelines, and deliverables for the duration of the project
  • Organize a kick-off meeting where in-depth details on the scope of work and deliverables will be provided
  • Review and approve the assessment methodology, sampling, instruments, and work plan
  • Provide data on program implementation process, IEC materials and its distribution; context on efforts made for IEC in states; and what resources were committed towards National Deworming Day
  • Provide IEC and other material for the assessment
  • Give feedback and approvals on each deliverable
  • Facilitate approvals at the state and national levels
  • Conduct field visits to supervise quality of work carried out by the agency
  • Approve survey questionnaire, qualitative tools and other fieldwork related checklist.
  • Approve data, with final report and presentation

Quote Submission Requirements

The Agencies submitting complete proposals (technical and cost) will need to ensure the following are included in their proposals:

  • A combined technical proposal including detailed methodology proposing how the agency intends to address the scope of work and survey plan along with name of four proposed states (technical proposal should not be more than 10 pages) and financial proposal need to be submitted.
  • Previous experience of working on assessment of communication campaigns for the Government of India or international NGOs in the respective states and current presence and manpower in the same.
  • Summary of prior experience of proposed trainers who will be conducting the training of the surveyors and surveyors.
  • A brief resume of proposed staff who will manage the survey, the field management structure.
  • The agency will submit the total cost proposal and should be inclusive of all applicable taxes with specific details. The unit cost needs to be clearly specified and we need to see further breakdown of costs broken up by (a) training cost , (b) quantitative data collection including cost of using CAPI devices and its management and supervision cost, (c) quantitative data collection and supervision cost (d) travel cost, and (e) any other cost, please elaborate.
  • Data quality assurance and monitoring and supervision plan at each level.
  • Agency should be legally compliant in terms of taxation laws of the country.
  • Agency need to submit the certificate of incorporation, PAN number, and GST details, with the proposal.
  • Agency will explicitly clarify in the proposal and share plans if the task is to be further subcontracted.

All proposals need to be submitted on or before 11.00 AM, September 16, 2019, to rfp.pkipl@gmail.com . Any questions about this proposal request need to be addressed in writing at the specified email before September 12, 2019. Please mention in the subject line – “Proposal for Assessment of NDD Communication Campaign”.


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