RFP Invited for Supply of standardized Web-enabled Application & Mobile App for management of Plastic & Dry Waste

RFP Invited for Supply of standardized Web-enabled Application & Mobile App for management of Plastic & Dry Waste

Organization: UNDP

Apply By: 06 Dec 2019

Title: Request for Proposal for Supply of standardized Web-enabled Application and Mobile App for management of Plastic and Dry Waste, customize to programme requirements and provide maintenance support services in multiple cities across India on Long Term Agreement (LTA) basis for 3 years

Project Background

UNDP India in collaboration with private sector donors (such as HCCB, HUL, HDFC) has initiated a project to minimize negative impacts and risks to environment and to human health in India, by enhancing sustainable Plastic Waste Management practices, through a socio-technical model (segregation/collection/recycling) while ensuring compliance with regulations, to improve use of resources and in line with Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in India.

In this project the waste pickers (Safaii Mitras) are to be institutionalized within respective governance mechanisms and attain improved social conditions. Project’s targets at the end of period are, to better manage an amount more than 85,000 MT/year of plastic waste and to improve socio- economic conditions of 37,500 Safaii Mitras.

Objectives of The Assignment

In order to achieve time and cost efficiency while ensuring outstanding quality of service, UNDP envisages entering into Long Term Agreement (LTA) for three years with one qualified service provider. As of now, applications are required to track and monitor plastic waste in 35 cities. However, we are expanding the project in many more cities and by 2022 we are expecting to reach out in 200 cities. There will be approx. 200 users per centre in a city.

This is just an estimated volume for next 3 years, and in no way same volume can be awarded, and this should not be considered as promise to do the business with selected bidder. The figure is provided to reflect the volume of the business and scope of work.

The selected Service Provider is expected to:

  • Develop, rollout, enhance, maintain and implement the cloud-based technology platform – Application for tracking and monitoring of plastic waste in the next set of cities. Total estimated number of cities covered under this RFP is estimated to be around 200 cities over a period of 3 years
  • Prepare and update an online dashboard for sharing the status of collected and recycled plastic waste from Swachhta kendras (SK).
  • Ensuring material traceability to registered recyclers and also assessment of compliance of the Swachhta Kendra in terms of operations through digital tools
  • Have apps to capture the collection details of plastic waste / dry waste from various points such as bulk generators, housing complexes, distributors, schools, colleges, etc
  • Ensure proper understanding of the developed technology platforms by the implementing partner and other stakeholders of the project.
  • Manage and enhance the setup call-center for logging issues reported by users (Implementing partners, Recyclers, etc), providing remote assistance in trouble-shooting and fast-tracked resolution of Application suite related glitches.
  • Maintain security and updation of data as per the requirement of the project and stakeholders involved such as that from donor, UNDP, implementing partners, urban local bodies, pollution control boards and other appointed agencies of the state and central government.
  • Facilitate the implementation and supervision of the activities as required.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the selected service provider will be in the following major categories:

  • Technology platform (incl marketplace and linkage to recyclers)
  • Capacity building

The service provider will be required to support UNDP to manage the activities under this term of reference.

Content of The Proposal

Technical Proposal

The full proposal (max. 10 pages, excluding CVs) covering the following aspects:

  • Background of the NGO/Institution/Company
  • Context (give examples and understanding of monitoring the plastic waste recycling activities through communities and self-help groups (SHG)
  • Outline of the proposed platform, if a prototype is available, share the link
  • A separate plan, architecture and methodology for the technology platform (as listed below)
  • Requirements of the licensing/IPR etc
  • Hardware requirements for use of the Application
  • Any other requirement for the use of technology
  • Work plan and methodology with implementation of the main activities (as listed above) and milestones in maximum of 35 selected cities
  • Define technology based monitoring and evaluation plans and
  • Define exit strategy after completion of project.
  • Detailed CVs of project team leader and other key team members to work on the project
  • Details of the assets that will be put to use with the IP partner in implementation of the project

Expectations for the proposed Technology platform:

  • The proposed software solution should comply with requirements stated in the ToRs. Proposed technical architecture of the proposed software to be tailored for all user groups, has requested access channels (mobile and web), reliable security architecture and service interface, displays requested business processes, has requested external interfaces, captures the data from temperature loggers from SMS gateway, has necessary database backup.
  • The proposal should clearly define the structure/architecture of the Centralized database for stored data and hosting that will be/is located in India only.
  • The proposed infrastructure complies with requirements and can serve the requested number of users (approximately 200 in each city/center) and handle the requested number of transactions.
  • Warranty for the software as well as system maintenance is as per the requirement
  • Software support within the warranty period is clearly described and is per requirements.
  • Software related non-functional requirements are observed.
  • Requested business processes (requisition, receiving, storage, dispatch, transport, trend analysis & forecasting, compatibility with mobile platform, multilingual support, MIS & project reporting, integration with other systems), associated activities and functional and user requirements are provided by the proposed system.
  • Exit strategy is clearly described and is per requirement
  • The proposal clearly provided details of the handover process to UNDP – the extent of effort and coordination that will be required.


  • A vendor should not be suspended, debarred, or otherwise identified as ineligible by any UN Organization or the World Bank Group or any other international Organization. Vendors are therefore required to disclose to UNDP whether they are subject to any sanction or temporary suspension imposed by these organizations.
  • It is the Bidder’s responsibility to ensure that its employees, joint venture members, sub-contractors, service providers, suppliers and/or their employees meet the eligibility requirements as established by UNDP.

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Event ID - # IND10 0000004854

Contact Person for Inquiries (Written inquiries only)

Surjit Singh, Procurement Unit - surjit.singh@undp.org

Deadline – 6th December 2019


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