RFP Invited from NGOs/CSR Implementation Agencies for ‘Gurukul’ Centres providing education support to children – HCL Uday

RFP Invited from NGOs/CSR Implementation Agencies for ‘Gurukul’ Centres providing education support to children – HCL Uday

Organization: HCL Foundation

Apply By: 24 Jul 2019

RFP title: RFP form reputed NGOs/CSR Implementation Agencies for ‘Gurukul’ Centres that provide education support to children in most difficult circumstances Under HCL Foundation’s flagship urban development program – HCL Uday

Deadline: 24th July 2019

About Us

HCL Foundation (HCLF) was established in 2011 as the CSR arm of HCL Technologies. It is a value-driven not- for-profit-organization that strives to contribute towards national and international development goals, bringing about lasting positive impact in the lives of people, through long term sustainable programs. The foundation aims to alleviate poverty and achieve inclusive growth and development.

Presently HCL Foundation is implementing four flagship programs, namely HCL Samuday&HCL Grant – Rural Development initiatives, HCL Uday – an Urban Development Initiative and Power of 1 – HCL’s volunteer engagement program. Details for all these programs can be found on our website – www.hcl.com/hclfoundation

Purpose of the RFP

Through this RFP, HCL Foundation invites proposals from competent NGOs to join its unique convergence model for implementation of the ‘Gurukul’ Project which is a part of the Education initiative of HCL Foundation’s flagship urban development program, HCL Uday.‘Gurukuls’, essentially, are education and recreation centres that provide bridge and remedial support to children in difficult circumstances.

HCL Foundation defines children in difficult circumstances (CIDC) as children who are deprived of developmental opportunities due to their socio-economic-cultural conditions. These include children living on streets, slum/slum like habitats, children working in hazardous/non-hazardous (if that work takes them away from regular development stream) forms of labour, children of sex workers, prisoners, children without parental care, children in emergencies and other similar categories. The definition extends to both – ‘children in need of care and protection’ and ‘children in conflict with law’.

In its strategies towards working with CIDC, HCL Foundation promotes all opportunities that enable children realise their optimal potential while working through family and community-based approaches

Scope of Work

Competent NGOs are requested to submit their proposals as per the scope of work defined below. At present, HCL Foundation is already reaching out to over 14,500 CIDC across India. Out of these, 2,500+ have been part of the initiative in Noida and Lucknow location. HCL Foundation works through a convergence of partners who run these ‘Gurukul’ centres across various locations. Last year, almost 20% of the CIDC enrolled in the centres were mainstreamed.Regular follow up and remedial support is also provided to ensure smooth integration into the school program.

‘Gurukuls’ cater to children belonging to age groups 3 to 18 years of age. Therefore, NGOs while designing their approach must also include strategies to address the education needs of children belonging to various age groups and developmental stages. This would also include specific strategies for children in the pre-school age group, young children between 6 to 14 years of age as well as adolescents.

Keeping in mind the unmet need on-ground, we are now looking to scale up this project in the locations mentioned below as per the scope defined below:

  • ‘Gurukul’ - Bridge, Mainstreaming, Remedial and After-School Support Program
  • NGOs will be expected to carry out the following functions with regarding to implementation of the project –
  • Conducting a rapid assessment to identify areas within the specified cities where children are employed in hazardous forms of labour/living in most difficult circumstances and devising a strategy to engage them in meaningful recreational and educational activities
  • Mobilizing children living on streets/children living in difficult circumstances/out of school children and working towards their holistic development with special focus on mainstreaming them into schools where they can access quality education
  • Creating a joyful learning environment through implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum focused on bridging and remediation – developing foundational skills using innovative techniques such as drama in education, TLM based delivery, sports, arts, culture and music.
  • Devising strategies for prohibition of Child Labour through a structured program (10 sectors of NOIDA, 5 sectors of Lucknow and around the identified areas of Bengaluru and Hyderabad)
  • Working towards mainstreaming of the children into formal school and monitoring progress through well-documented case records with clear M&E indicators
  • Follow-up and Remedial support to mainstreamed students to ensure their integration and adjustment into the school system such that there is no drop-out
  • Addressing the education and development needs of children in emergency situations
  • Regular meetings and advocacy with schools to ensure that children are receiving same quality of education and care as in the Gurukulcentres
  • Organizing alumni meetings, events and developing these students as community champions/role models leading a life that their peers in the community aspire towards
  • Each Gurukul to support a minimum of 50 children. We would prefer to operate these Gurukulsin tandem with RWAs, where the spaces are provided by RWA itself

Submission Details & Deadlines

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