RFP Invited from NGOs/CSR Implementation Agencies to join its convergence model for implementation of School Strengthening Project – ‘My School’

RFP Invited from NGOs/CSR Implementation Agencies to join its convergence model for implementation of School Strengthening Project – ‘My School’

Organization: HCL Foundation

Apply By: 24 Jul 2019

RFP title: RFP from reputed NGOs/CSR Implementation Agencies to join its unique convergence model for implementation of the State School Strengthening Project – ‘My School’ Under HCL Foundation’s flagship urban development program – HCL Uday

Deadline: 24th July 2019

About Us

HCL Foundation (HCLF) was established in 2011 as the CSR arm of HCL Technologies. It is a value-driven not- for-profit-organization, that strives to contribute towards national and international development goals, bringing about lasting positive impact in the lives of people, through long term sustainable programs. The foundation aims to alleviate poverty and achieve inclusive growth and development. Presently HCL Foundation is implementing four flagship programs, namely HCL Samuday&HCL Grant – Rural Development initiatives, HCL Uday – an Urban Development Initiative and Power of 1 – HCL’s volunteer engagement program. Details for all these programs can be found on our website – www.hcl.com/hclfoundation

HCL Uday

HCL Foundation’s flagship urban community development program - UDAY, seeks to create green, clean, healthy and empowered communities. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, it is developing an integrated solution to break the vicious cycle of urban poverty. Defining Uday’s approach is its intrinsic belief that urban poor aspire to a life of dignity and self- respect. With the right opportunities, they can take charge of their lives, dare to imagine a different future and work towards it. Our strategies are carefully designed, such that they speak both to their environment and to their ambitions.  Uday’s unique ‘Convergence’ approach brings this philosophy to life. Uniting critical stakeholders– the state, non-profits and HCL volunteers in a rich partnership, it meets its responsibility to the community and supports them in realising their dreams.

Currently being implemented in 11 cities in partnership with like-minded organisations, HCL Uday is now poised to scale – both in terms of depth of the intervention as well as scale of its reach.

Purpose of the RfP

Through this RfP, HCL Foundation invites proposals from competent NGOs to join its unique convergence model for implementation of the ‘My School’ Project under HCL Foundation’s flagship urban development program, HCL Uday.

Scope of Work

Competent NGOs are requested to submit their proposals as per the scope of work defined below. HCL Foundation is working for overall development of state schools across various locations under the ‘My School’ project. Through this RFP, HCL Foundation is inviting proposals from competent

NGOs/Implementing Agencies to launch the project in Nagpur location and further strengthen the program in Bengaluru location as per the scope defined below:

‘My School’

Nagpur 5 Municipal Corporation Schools (school’s in Zone - 3,6 & 9 with approximate strength of 3000+) Bangalore Jigni - 15 High Schools with an approximate student strength of 5,000+ Comprehensive School Development Project with focus on the following 4 domains –

  • Infrastructure Strengthening & Development – Transforming school spaces to safe, inclusive and child friendly spaces with provision of adequate classrooms, furniture, computer and science labs, libraries, WASH facilities, sports facilities and playgrounds
  • Improving the learning outcomes of students (through innovative teaching-learning methods) – including Sports Training, Digital Literacy, School WASH program
  • Strengthening the School Leadership & Management (including regularisation of PTMs, SMC/SMDC strengthening and set up of Child Parliaments)
  • Ensuring meaningful engagement and participation of community in the school program and processes

Submission Details & Deadlines

  • Please submit the complete proposals in the prescribed format latest by 24thJuly 2019 to namrata-s@hcl.com marking cc to hclfoundation@hcl.com  and Sakshi.sh@hcl.com
  • Please send in your submissions with Subject Line in the given format: HCLF/RFP/MySchool/
  • Proposals must be submitted along with Budget and Gantt Chart ONLY in the formats shared on the link. HCL UDAY PROPOSAL FORMAT
  • Proposals not shared in the given format are liable for rejection.
  • Proposals received after the due date and time will not be considered.
  • All enquiries regarding this RFP should be made by 22nd July 2019 via email to Sakshi.sh@hcl.com

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